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South Afirca

South Afirca

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hi, We are lottery agency and want to fund raise in the south Afrcia. Check our website below.



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GIVING AFRICAN CHILDREN /ITHEMBA LABANTWANA is a grassroots organisation working at a community level in impoverished areas of South Africa. We pioneer innovative approaches to alleviate suffering and poverty among African children and their families. Ithemba Labantwana strives to deliver an impact in everything that we do when working with children and their families. We focus on projects that address the really needs of children and serve their families. We strongly believe that something should be done to suffering faced by children and their families in South Africa.

We work to serve African children and those in the cycle of poverty through holistic relief and development programme. By empowering disenfranchised communities and providing them with the basic necessities of life to instill hope and dignity to their lives, we believe our African families become healthier, communities are strengthened and the worth and purpose of humanity is restored. As we equip indigenous leaders with the tools for survival and success we envision the transformation of communities. To that end, we are dedicated to give African children hope by alleviating poverty through education, early childhood Development, health and community development, vocational training and advocacy.

Programmes and projects implemented by ITHEMBA LABANTWANA work to bring a new hope to African children by helping to meet their basic needs. Staggering numbers of African children have been orphaned by war and the HIV/AIDS pandemic that is sweeping Africa. Many of these children are struck by tragedy at a very early age and are left to raise themselves and their siblings. Often survival acts as the dominant factor in their lives, pushing their futures and education out of the picture.

In order for these children to have a chance to do more with their lives than simply cling to life, they must have, among the necessities of life, the basic tools of education. Pens, pencils, paper and books can change the face of a nation one child at a time.

By supporting our charity you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of children in Africa. Our vision is simple; we aim to create a world where children’s rights are realized and they can reach their full potential. We exist to help orphaned, poor, exploited and other marginalized children in South Africa. We are a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial support to children who really need it.