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SPCA Midrand needs our help

SPCA Midrand needs our help

Personal message

As most of you may know, the SPCA Midrand was robbed on Wednesday the 10th of July around midnight.

A staff member was beaten and locked up while they continued to clear out the offices. 

Unforunately the spca is unable to continue working with out their computers, telephones, faxes and cellphones. They have also been cleared out with medication and vaccines. 

They are desperately also seeking funds for a new security system to keep this from happening again. 

Thank GOODNESS that no animals were taken or harmed, but they may not be so lucky next time. 


No dontation is too small be it funds / security systems / or office equiptment... 


Thanking you in advance. 




  • Jul 12, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "I hope this helps!" - Kyle Brunette

  • Jul 12, 2019 - USD $ 7.56
  • "Every little bit helps! Thanks for the work you do, I will donate monthly!" - Amy

  • Jul 12, 2019 - R 359.87
  • "for the love of the animals <3 " - GL Oster

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R 80 000.00

Midrand SPCA

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SPCA’s mission is to prevent cruelty to animals and promote the welfare of animals. Their vision is to end animal cruelty in South Africa and to engender compassion for all animals. Their objective is to serve and protect ALL animals, uplift their welfare and ensure that the protection they have under South African law is upheld and respected.

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