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Special Schooling for Autistic Esau

Special Schooling for Autistic Esau

Personal message

Esau is an 8-year-old little autistic boy with absolutely no speech, language or communication. He has been on the department of education’s waiting list for the last year to be placed in a school for autism, yet the department has offered no assistance.

In a desperate plea to provide this child with some means of communication, his family contacted the Angel Network. Over the last few weeks, we have been looking into various schools, and Esau has been for multiple assessments. Due to the delay in the department of education, we would like to place him in a private school for autism for one year, while we deal with the education department for long-term schooling. We have been in touch with the department, and they have been extremely dismissive. We are now approaching Carte Blanche and media sources to assist us in obtaining long-term help for Esau (and many other children).

Esau has been assessed by various private schools, and we would like to provide him with funding to attend the Key School for Autism for 2019. However, the school fees are R6800 per month, and so we would require help to allow him to attend school – such a basic human right!

Please assist in donating to send Esau to school – to allow him to communicate with his loved ones, and for the family to obtain a little bit of normalcy! Our goal is R90 000 for the year, as this would include transport. One extremely generous donor has already donated R50 000 for Esau, and so we are looking for the remainder R40 000 to send Esau to school.



  • Nov 28, 2018 - USD $ 35.92
  • "Wishing you great adventures at your new school, Esau! " - S&D

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R 500.06

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R 40 000.00

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