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Support baby Micky in ICU

Support baby Micky in ICU

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Baby Micky & her mommy need us  We've known and worked with Micky's mom for a while now. When she found out she was pregnant, she wanted to give her up for adoption. She was scared and alone. We worked closely with her to change her mind, set her up so she was prepared and give her the tools she needed to be a mom. When Micky was born, mom was over the moon and overwhelmed with love. She was so excited to have her little girl!

Now, baby Micky is in ICU after open heart surgery today. We're battling to communicate with the docs because we're not family but mommy is all along - no food, bed etc. in the hospital - and feeling very lost. We'd like to pay her rent for the next few months and give her some money for food, so it's the last thing she needs to worry about while Micky is recovering. Please open your hearts to this mommy, she has come so far and deserves a bit of love 


  • Nov 19, 2018 - USD $ 40.64
  • "Wished no Baby Micky a speedy recovery, sending much love to mum to. " - Helen McCann

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