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Supporting South African Circus

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It was not so very long ago that the smell of popcorn and promise of entertainment drew us into their tent…

The global crisis of Covid-19 and ensuing nation-wide lockdown imposed upon South Africa have not left a single industry untouched. PWR Project has thus reached out to individuals and households who have been directly impacted by the stall on work, and the subsequent drain upon income.

As the entertainment industry has completely stagnated, familiar businesses such as the McLaren Circus have felt the extreme repercussions of having to take their show off the road. McLaren Circus has been a generous benefactor of PWR Project for many years, assisting with fundraising, hosting special events and volunteering their artists, when needed.

As their show is not presently travelling, there is absolutely no income for the circus. Artists and staff can therefore not be paid – as the animals, who are part of the McLaren family, are the first priority, to which all immediate resources are diverted.

This crowd-funding page has been established not only to raise money to support and provide food parcels to the circus’ staff members, but to also financially contribute to the daily feedings of their beautiful and beloved animals.

As the show employs many international artists and staff from across the nation, many of these individuals are away from their own countries and provinces during this time, yearning for home and in dire need of security. Any support which you are able to provide would be sincerely appreciated and would go a long way in taking the burden of financial strain off of McLaren Circus, so that when we have defeated this pandemic together, they may rise and bring joy and entertainment once more to the world.

PWR Project endeavors to send food vouchers to staff and cover a percentage of all animal feeding bills. With your assistance, we can make this a reality.

Make easy payments directly into our bank account: WEBSITE or via SNAPSCAN


A South African Non Profit Organization aimed at creating awareness around bullying and discrimination of LGBTQI+ youth within the country. Creating online platforms for youth, going through a difficult time, a safe space to relate to and accept who they are, knowing they are not alone.



  • Lockdown SA Feeding outreach: our main focus during this time, aims to feed between 250-600 people. Feedings are not focused on a specific area, instead various areas who have contacted us for a need of food. Meals are fully nutritious and includes at least 3 vegetables, a starch and protein in form of meat. Since inception on 1 April 2020, PWR Project has managed to feed close to 8,000 people living within the City of Cape Town.
  • WhatsApp support-line: as restrictions are in place to stay at home, many youth are face with being stuck inside with unsupportive families. There has been an increase of gender-based domestic violence, so we can just image the struggles that many teens are facing, being part of the LGBTQI+ community and having no support structure. Our support-line is merely to assist and not to provide professional advice.



We are currently seeking our registration with SARS and trusting in a backdating of registration to issue all donors, within 2020/2021 financial year certificates in relation with donations.


  • Jul 07, 2020 - USD $ 100.39
  • "hope this can help a little" - Tom Wilds

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PWR Project

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PWR Project's Vision is to Embracing diversity to achieve social empowerment. Informing, uplifting and supporting the youth within our community through solidarity; to bring an end to bullying and discrimination.

We aim to reach this by creating awareness around bullying and discrimination through PWR Project protest photos. These photos are there to express one's support for the organisation, as well as share ones personal experiences to relate to potential supporters as well as to give support.