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Surgery and Rehab for Buckley

Surgery and Rehab for Buckley

Personal message

Buckley is a Cocker Spaniel with an amazing personality and a love of life! Unfortunately, he suffered a vertebral disc prolapse which caused him incredible pain each time he moved. The options were to put him to sleep or to operate. Last week he underwent emergency surgery to remove the prolapsed material.  He is still in servere pain and has paralysis of his back legs so he will need extensive rehab in order to regain mobility. Please help us get him "back on his feet".


  • Apr 23, 2017 - USD $ 16.03
  • "We love you Buckels and pray for you every night." - Pascale and Jonah

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R 30 000.00

Buckley's Surgery and Rehab

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Buckley, our Cocker Spaniel, suffered a vertebral disc prolapse which can only be corrected by surgery.