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Homeless: From Survival to Living

Homeless: From Survival to Living

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Most homeless people don't want to be on the streets but have fallen into an uncomfortable reality. Many cannot imagine how to get out of this hole because they have fallen so low.
Well-meaning people giving handouts on the street are keeping them there by making them dependent - and that makes it so much harder to leave the streets.

The Net, based in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, provides a daytime activity centre for homeless people to access food, ablutions, and programmes, all designed to lift self-esteem and start the journey to get off the streets. We arrange employment according to skills and progress in their transition or recovery.  

They learn and improve their interpersonal skills, often lost by their fight to survive.

Our clients move from "fight or flight survival mode" to a place where they feel supported and safe and can start building their self-esteem. That gives them the strength to access the help they need.

As The NET, we NETWORK with other organisations operating in this field such as social workers, medical attention, drug counsellors, and shelters to provide a holistic approach to fighting homelessness.

Why should you spend your time or money backing homeless people when there are so many other social issues begging for attention and money?

Because most social issues lead to homelessness or are perpetuated on the streets.  
* Poverty leads to homelessness. Most people are only 1 or 2 paycheques away from losing everything.
* Substance abuse leads to homelessness and those who didn't use drugs beforehand need to in order to survive the streets.
* Disabilities (physical and psychological). People are shunned by their families as a result of their disabilities or families cannot cope caring for them. This leads to them being dumped on the street to fend for themselves.
* Child abuse, domestic violence, rape all can lead to homelessness. The damage done becomes learned behaviour used to survive on the streets, trading sex for favours or protection.

Please assist us in changing lives.
If even one life is changed, it leads to a saved generation.

With your help, we can rent an appropriate venue for the long-term, with space for workshops, ablution facilities, offices for social workers and medical personnel.

We can run programmes designed to assist in rehabilitation and workshops to develop skills and entrepreneurial opportunities.


  • Jun 03, 2020 - USD $ 250.00
  • "Thank you, The Net, for providing a worthwhile service to the community!" - Dominic Rayner

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