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15 seasoned open water swimmers come together for a group attempt of the most breathtaking swim in the world, to raise funds for The Little Fighters Cancer Trust, “The VOICE of Childhood Cancer Awareness, The HANDS of Childhood Cancer Support”  This fully registered NPO (089-376) and PBO (930037657) offers varied support to Children with Cancer and their Families in paediatric oncology hospital wards, individual family homes as well as places of safety which houses children with cancer.


 The spectacular and extreme 8km ocean swim stretches from Diaz Beach on the western side of Cape Point, to Buffels Bay on the Eastern side, and takes swimmers through the point where the two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) meet.  Swimmers will go on standby on 1 March 2014 and the swim will called 24 hours prior to the first suitable day.


South African musician and veteran marathon swimmer Carina Bruwer, whose dramatic rounding of Cape Point for LFCT in 2013 aided in raising an amount of R17,500 as well as extensive media coverage and awareness, and the Little Fighters Cancer Trust are hoping for this to become an annual event.


All moneys raised will go towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s BAG OF HOPE Project. A BAG OF HOPE provides essentials for both the Child with Cancer and his/her mother or bedside care-giver, with items such as toiletries, pyjamas, non-perishable food, educational toys, blankets and sanitary products, making a challenging and prolonged hospital stay, just a bit more comfortable. LFCT is operational in 11 main paediatric oncology treatment centres throughout South Africa, including the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State.


PLEASE HONOUR OUR AMAZINGLY BRAVE SWIMMERS BY SUPPORTING SWIM FOR HOPE! Each donation is worth gold. Feel free to include a special message to your swimmer(s) and/or LFCT.



TYR SOUTH AFRICA        R2 000.00

RAMZI MANSOUR            R32 000.00



Name Comment Date Amount
FOX BASE ALPHA INTO THE FUTURE Mar 28, 2014 R 2 500.00
Elemental Effects - Robertson family Remarkable challenge, Incredible effort, selfless individuals, well done to all of you. Mar 28, 2014 R 2 000.00
Uncle Morris Films Best wishes Mar 27, 2014 R 5 000.00
Peter Bales Well done Carina Mar 13, 2014 R 1 000.00
Chiropractic Association of South Africa We are indeed privileged to be able to support such a worthy cause. Mar 12, 2014 R 2 000.00
Ingrid Well done! Amazing achievement! Mar 11, 2014 R 200.00
Monika's Ozone Therapy Well done all and thank you Mar 10, 2014 R 258.40
Michael Meyer Good luck Chris Westcott Mar 10, 2014 R 300.00
Westcott, Wessels, Simpson, Bekker, Rees Well done Chris you are a super human with a huge heart Mar 07, 2014 R 5 000.00
Charel Good luck! Mar 06, 2014 R 200.00
Luca Hart Good luck and thanks Carina Bruwer for initiating such an awesome event for a great cause! Remember to enjoy the view while you're there :-) Mar 06, 2014 R 200.00
Johann en Noreht Visagie Good luck to all swimmers - Go, Rouen, go!! Mar 06, 2014 R 500.00
Wynand Smit Go Go Go Rouen !!! Live your dream!. And doing it for a good cause as well. Great! Mar 06, 2014 R 1 000.00
DeWet Bruwer Julle is mal, maar good luck!!!!! Mar 06, 2014 R 250.00
Supporter Since 2013 It is not only what you do, but also the spirit in which you do it that garners such support . Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to support something worthwhile Mar 06, 2014 R 500.00
Gabby Good luck to chris Westcott and swimmers! This is for indigo Woodburn the bravest little solider Mar 06, 2014 R 500.00
John Good luck and safe swimming for a wonderful cause Mar 06, 2014 R 1 000.00
Elaine williams Best of luck Justin ..such an amazing event! Best of luck to all the swimmers! Mar 06, 2014 R 2 000.00
Garth Good luck on the swim. The weather is looking great Mar 05, 2014 R 500.00
Sarah Buchner Good luck Colin Gluch! Mar 05, 2014 R 300.00
Steven Klugman Have a great swim, and good luck to all of you. Mar 05, 2014 R 1 000.00
CA JANSON HOPE Mar 05, 2014 R 500.00
Anke Good luck! Mar 05, 2014 R 500.00
Frank Gormley Amazing task, very best of luck. Stay safe. Mar 04, 2014 R 1 000.00
Simon Alston Chris, may those extra pounds you're carrying protect you from the cold ;) Wish I was swimming too... Mar 04, 2014 R 250.00
Carmen Colquhoun Good luck Chris! Mar 04, 2014 R 200.00
Sally Corbin Such a worthy cause. Thank you brave swimmers! Mar 04, 2014 R 300.00
Spar Western Cape Good luck to our retailer and all the swimmers, very proud of all of you swimming for this great cause! Mar 04, 2014 R 7 000.00
Woogs & Bozz This must surely be a first: a Donkey swimming around the Cape Peninsula!!! Bravo! Mar 03, 2014 R 200.00
Tim and Nikola All of the best!! Big thumbs up to you all for this great challenge!! Enjoy the swim! Mar 03, 2014 R 500.00
Matt Kloos Amazing stuff everyone! Good luck! Mar 03, 2014 R 500.00
Carolyn Hiscock Such an Awesome Initiative! Nice Work, CCW...have a great swim! Mar 01, 2014 R 200.00
Brian Fitzpatrick As a terminal cancer survivor,I applaud your great cause, safe journey to all the swimmers. Feb 28, 2014 R 500.00
Tracy Ramsay Wishing you a great swim and the perfect conditions, Carina, and all the rest of the amazing swimmers Feb 28, 2014 R 200.00
Jillian Witt This is awe-inspiring....wishing Justin Coetzee and all the swimmers a safe and enjoyable swim. Feb 28, 2014 R 500.00
Sarah Bloch PTA Wishing 15 phenomenal Angels the best of luck. Feb 28, 2014 R 500.00
Audrey Awesome people doing awesome things Feb 27, 2014 R 500.00
Mathias's Lost in admiration from someone who thinks twice about putting a toe into the sea at Grotto! Feb 26, 2014 R 1 000.00
Penny Meyer Wonderful project Feb 26, 2014 R 500.00
Carol Mackay Thank you for doing what we aren't able to. Feb 26, 2014 R 500.00
Simone White Good luck - what an awesome way to raise money ! Feb 26, 2014 R 200.00
Claire Procter Good luck Chris you crazy fool! No injuries please as pretty major event coming up! C xx Feb 25, 2014 R 200.00
Jeanette Good luck, have an awesome swim. Feb 25, 2014 R 500.00
Gavin Shang Good luck Donks !!!!!! Feb 25, 2014 R 1 000.00
Rosalind Fantastic endurance and good conditions to you all! We'll celebrate with you at the wedding later in the month, Chris! Feb 25, 2014 R 500.00
Salvo Good luck and stay safe :) Feb 25, 2014 R 200.00
Spar Western Cape Good luck to our retailer and all the swimmers taking part in this event, we wish you all the best! Feb 24, 2014 R 3 000.00
Siobhan and Robyn Good luck, Snake van Wyk! You are inspirational! Your greatest fans, S+R Feb 24, 2014 R 200.00
Janice Leibowitz Colin Gluch ... Living the dream boykie!! Hope you have an awesome swim, you're doing it for an amazing cause. Feb 24, 2014 R 200.00
Al Mann Good luck! Feb 21, 2014 R 991.60
Carl Stockenstrom I'm with you all the way, heart and soul my friend (Clinton le sueur) you are doing a brave and admirable thing for a truely worthy cause, stay safe swim strong! Feb 20, 2014 R 1 500.00
Margaret Smit Wat 'n fantastiese uitdaging asook gebaar van welwilenheid deur die swemmers ! Wees veilig en geniet die swem! Feb 18, 2014 R 1 000.00
Peter Bales Good luck to all and enjoy this beautiful swim Feb 18, 2014 R 1 000.00
Mandy-Lyn Awesome cause, good luck all you swimmers... Keep safe Chris, we have a wedding 3 weeks later... :) Feb 15, 2014 R 500.00
Taryn Loynes Such an awesome cause. Good luck to Chris and all the swimmers! Feb 13, 2014 R 200.00
Jenny Wilson Good luck to all the swimmers - fantastic cause!!! Big shout out from the UK to CHRIS WESTCOTT! Feb 13, 2014 R 350.00
Charl Cilliers This would be an amazing swim for a great cause! Thanks for everyone's effort! Feb 13, 2014 R 1 500.00
Clinton le Sueur blessings, love and strength to all the little fighters....and swimmers too Feb 13, 2014 R 1 500.00
Rouen Smit Doing the Cape Point swim has been a long time dream of mine, and to do it as part of a charity is just so much better. Feb 11, 2014 R 1 500.00
Neil Hopkins I am really looking forward to taking part in this event. And I am inspired by this cause along with so many others listed on Backabuddy. There are so many charities.. Time to give to a good cause! Feb 11, 2014 R 1 500.00
Chris Westcott Thanks Carina, I’m looking forward to an great swim for an awesome cause, with a super bunch of people. Feb 06, 2014 R 1 500.00
Monika Hayes Thanks Carina for organising this swim, it is wonderful to be part of this event and to contribute to such a worthwhile cause Feb 05, 2014 R 1 500.00
Welgedacht Superspar A great swim for a great cause. Feb 05, 2014 R 2 000.00
Colin Gluch I am privileged to be counted amount the numbers on this swim with so many great extreme swimmers and as a father thinking of the fortunate health of my children, I consider this a worthy cause. Feb 04, 2014 R 2 000.00
Conna & Kevin Happy to support a great cause. Good luck to all the swimmers. Feb 04, 2014 R 1 000.00
Kilfoils Wishing all participants a safe swim for a fantastic cause! Feb 03, 2014 R 200.00
Ordman good luck JC - mind the sharks Feb 03, 2014 R 1 000.00
Justin Coetzee Delighted to be a part of this epic swim for a tremendous cause and to swim alongside some of the legends of the extreme swimming world :) Feb 03, 2014 R 2 000.00
Keitha Struthers Thanks for the opportunity to light up some peoples lives Feb 03, 2014 R 1 500.00
Lindsay de Kock I feel very humbled and privileged to swim for this wonderful charity in this most spectacular part of our coast line. Feb 02, 2014 R 2 000.00
Carina Bruwer So happy to be building on last year's Swim For Hope and can't wait to share this spectacular swim with this amazing group of swimmers. Let's make the most of this for LFCT! Jan 30, 2014 R 2 000.00
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Donations to date

R 116 800.00

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 35 500.00

Little Fighters Cancer Trust

Little Fighters Cancer Trust Logo

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports Children with Cancer and their Families.

In cases where there is no family support structure, such as in oncology wards in Children's Homes and Places of Safety, we are often the only line of support which these young Cancer Fighters have.

Our approach to support is holistic, where we look not only at the practical and financial support, but also concentrate hugely on emotional support and providing relief where needs, in and out of hospital, are concerned.