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Thuso for Sylvia

Thuso for Sylvia

Personal message

Willeminartist Sanctuary decided to start a fundraising campaign for Mrs Sylvia Nethavhakone during a social visit at her home. The organization realised that she was struggling to move around since the roads are not in good condition and she depends on a manual wheelchair. Mrs Nethavhakone faces many more struggles when her husband (who assists by pushing her around) is not around. This affects her living conditions as she is a traditional wear maker and cannot reach her target market due to being stuck in her living environment.

The organization also noticed that her house is incomplete, which makes it very difficult for Sylvia to move around and use the restroom since it is placed outside next to the construction. This also prevents her from having her privacy when using the restroom due to its limited space.

The costs will be utilised in the following manner:
Electric wheelchair: R45 000
House renovations: R75 000
Renting an office: R12 000
Fabric materials: R8 000
Tailoring equipment: R10 000

The funds will positively impact Mrs Nethavhakone in several ways. Firstly, her mobility which was lost in 2014 due to Polio will be restored through the use of an electric wheelchair. Secondly, the donations will renovate the house that she used when she was still able to walk to become wheelchair accessible and to give her independence back. Thirdly, Mrs Nethavhakone will be given resources to enable her to utilise her strengths and abilities to generate income by renting an office space, buying fabric and equipment for tailoring. In short, Mrs Nethavhakone will open her own business that will enable to sustain her life and that of her family.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 150 000.00

Sylvia Nethavhakone Medical Cause

Sylvia Nethavhakone Medical Cause Logo

My name is Willemina Gwambe. I am 26 years old and living in a town called Tshilamba in Venda. I studied social work at the University of Pretoria and graduated in 2016.  I am creating a fundraising campaign for Sylvia Nethavhakone who was born with Polio. I met her during the visits conducted by Willeminartist Sanctuary organization, which is a nonprofit organization that is aimed towards helping vulnerable groups in society.