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A special day for my sister

A special day for my sister

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I want to give my sister the best 13 birthday that has ever been. My Mummy has worked so hard for us as a single mother and with the economy the way it is it seems that the universe just takes more and more. There isn't always enough for the super special things. Especially with alot of medical bills for me and my sister. I have a rare type 3 hypersensitivity and bad teeth and my sister has Keratoconus aswell as many other problems. My mum is always giving of her time and love and kindness to help everyone else. I love my mother so much and all I want to do is help her but I am to young to work. I promise to pay it forward one day I am an A class student always in the top 3 or 5 and I want to go into engineering preferably rocket building to make a difference in this world all I want is to help people and I want to start by helping my mum pay school fees and giving my baby sister the most amazing day imaginable. It's always just been the 3 of us and we are soul mates. My baby sister does very well at school aswell and has the most amazing voice but is very shy. She us also kind and beautiful and has been bullied so badly because of how she looks On her 13 birthday I want to spoil her with a laptop and pretty things like jewelry, makeup clothes and girly things. It May seem a small insignificant request considering I know there are people who need help with medical problems and bills and life threatening  problems but these people are my life and I want to make them happy and I want it to be a surprise. If you can find it in your heart to please help me I promise watch this name it will make a difference one day.


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A special day for my sister Campaign