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Teagan van Wyk - Neuroblastoma Treatment

Teagan van Wyk - Neuroblastoma Treatment

Personal message

My name is Ben Churr (35) from Montana Park, Pretoria, SA.
I have decided to make use of this platform in order to generate funds for Teagan and his family for his medical and everyday expenses. I have known Maggie van Wyk (mommy), for over 8 years.

Teagan Van Wyk (2j 9m) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in October 2018, only 2 months after his 2nd birthday. This is when his battle against Cancer began. On 1 November 16:33, Teagan received his first Chemo session. After numerous tests and 7 chemo sessions, the tumour was removed after an 11-hour surgery. Teagan spent the next week in ICU, 3 weeks in isolation where he had to learn to walk all over again. Teagans battle is not over! He has to go back for an operation to remove the ureteral stent which was put in place when the tumour was removed. Teagan is also scheduled for more chemo and radiotherapy in order to ensure cancer does not spread and does not return. The fund is aimed at helping Mommy and Daddy with the Financial costs regarding Teagans medical bills but also everyday expenses as Mommy has been unable to work and Daddy has been doing extra work in order to stay afloat. Imagine having to work and not being able to be with your little boy when he needs his Daddy. Let's be the difference! You can also visit Teagan Facebook page

I believe we can reach the target in the next 4 weeks. But if it takes 8 or 12, it won't matter, as Teagans battle is an ongoing battle and the funds will and can be used as they are obtained.

Funds will be used for medical expenses including medicine for Teagan and also for clothing for Teagan, Fuel for Mommy to get to Hospital and to get Teagan to his treatment.

With the funds my aim is to free up some time for Daddy so he doesn't have to work double shifts, and that he can spend time with Teagan, as well as provide Teagan with all the medication and care he requires, and to provide financial assistance for everyday expenses such as fuel and clothing.

The funds donated will go into Teagans Bank account directly from where the money will be used for the expenses and bills as mentioned.


  • Oct 13, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "In God there is freedom - be strong." - A Gift

  • Jun 18, 2019 - R 205.64
  • "Sterkte" - Anonymous

  • Jun 14, 2019 - R 203.00
  • "Baie sterkte Teagan en familie." - Jacob, Loura en Janu

  • Jun 10, 2019 - USD $ 14.68
  • "God be with you " - Roché

  • Jun 10, 2019 - R 220.00
  • "Jul bly in ons gedagtes en gebede. Baie liefde" - Upton

  • Jun 08, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "Met liefde" - Miri

  • Jun 07, 2019 - R 110.00
  • "Sterkte seuna, Maggie dis min maar hoop dit help. " - Tannie Joyce

  • Jun 06, 2019 - USD $ 20.99
  • "with much love " - James and Carolyn David

  • Jun 06, 2019 - USD $ 70.74
  • "Best blessings for a great recovery. Also a challenge to all my fellow expat teachers to match or better this donation" - Nanto en Marius

  • Jun 06, 2019 - R 514.10
  • "I cannot create a page and not set the example to donate. Let's do this!" - Ben Churr

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Donations to date

R 3 863.77

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Teagan Van Wyk Medical Cause

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Ben Churr (35) from Pretoria is raising funds for Teagan and his family for his medical and everyday expenses.