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Help Thalente Biyela Skate to the 2024 Olympics

Funds Raised:
R 2 866
Fundraising Target:
R 70 000

Personal message

Hey everyone,

Some of you might not know me, others remember me from Durban North Beach, and some might recognise me at The Shred skatepark. Some people call me talented, some call me coach and others see me as the guy who was discovered by Tony Hawk. This is me, I am Thalente Biyela.

As many of you know my venture into the world of skateboarding began as an escape from a tough and turbulent life on the streets. Finding a way to turn my love for skateboarding into a powerful force, using it to channel my energy into something positive and life-changing. 

For me, skateboarding has become a tool that builds communities, breaks stereotypes and harnesses so much more than just a sport. This tool has the power to allow me to travel with the most notorious skaters in history, competing against them in international-level skateparks like Tampa Am. From Durban to LA and now Cape Town, my journey does not end here. Sponsored by Baseline Skate Shop, Element Skateboards and Bones Wheels I'm on a new journey, with skateboarding having its Olympic debut. I’ve set out a goal to represent my country in the 2024 Olympics. With South African sports making international headlines for their consistent perseverance and world domination, it has become a beacon of hope for the people of South Africa. In a country that has a lot of problems, I am grateful to have found skateboarding and to be able to represent my country on an international stage, at the Olympic Qualifier event in Sharjah, Dubai 2024, contributing to the hope and ability to inspire South Africans.   

I am Thalente, and my focus goes beyond just my own success. I'm deeply committed to giving back to my local skateboarding community as this is what has helped me come this far. I run "The Shred Skate School," a program aimed at helping others reach their own potential and nurture their dreams within skateboarding, just like me. My commitment to mentoring and guiding young talent is an essential part of my journey. It's all about supporting and uplifting the next generation in the skateboarding world at the end of the day and with this opportunity and endless support I can harness this experience in teaching, guiding and uplifting others. This is me asking for a helping hand as I need a bit of a push.

How You Can Help:

To make this dream a reality, Thalente needs funding for his trip to the Olympic Qualifier event in Sharjah, Dubai. This includes travel expenses, accommodation, competition fees, and training costs. We are seeking your support to raise $4000 (R70.000) to ensure that Thalente can compete at his best and represent his country with pride.

Your contribution, whether big or small, can help Thalente take the next step towards his Olympic debut and continue to support his local skateboarding community. By supporting him, you are not only helping an incredibly talented skateboarder but also inspiring others to chase their dreams, no matter the challenges they face.

Watch his movie I AM THALENTE:  

Follow @iamthalente and his journey to the Olympics or just watch him shred.


  • Dec 30, 2023 - USD $ 54.03 Fees covered
  • "Follow your dream , man ! I believe in you !" - Anonymous

  • Nov 15, 2023 - R 2 000.00 Fees covered
  • "Go get that dream brother!🛹🙌🏼🔥👊🏼🏆" - Anonymous

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R 70 000.00

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