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Thanks, But I would rather have an ear - Helping Kholwani

Personal message

Kholwani has worked as a Senior Waiter at the Victorian Secret shortly after they opened four years ago and has been a stalwart. Reliable, committed and honest, one of the best.

Late last year Kholwani, with his family, were on the way to family wedding in Zimbabwe when the truck that they were travelling in overturned. Kholwani’s right ear was totally severed and he also has severe scaring to the side of his head. If you have met Kholwani, you may have wondered why he wears a beanie even in the warm summer months. While the accident was no fault of his own, he is understandably very self-conscious about the deformity. As a professional waiter dealing with people all day, his appearance is important to his self-esteem.


After much investigation, The Victorian Secret owners now have a plan in place for Kholwani to get a prosthetic ear. However, before this can happen the keloid scarring needs to be surgically improved. This process will commence mid-November with a test procedure being carried our by a specialist in Sandton.


We, the Management of the Victorian Secret, have to date funded the visits and we have planned a series of event and promotions in the New Year. Depending on the method of attachment of the prosthetic ear and the difficult of removing the scarring the total costs will range from approximately R70 000 to R150 000.


With Kholwani’s consent, The Victorian Secret is appealing for donations from any of the TVS friends out there who may be in a position to assist. The road ahead is long but with a little help from our friends, we can restore this quiet gentleman’s appearance and his dignity.


On behalf of Kholwani and the Management Team of TVS we thank you for reading our plea and hope that you can make a difference.



  • Oct 30, 2017 - USD $ 21.04
  • "Best of luck! " - Friend

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Kholwani is 33 years old. Last year, he and his wife were in a horrific car accident, leaving his wife unable to work due to her injuries. Kholwani has been left without an ear.