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The Eldorado Park Technology Hub

The Eldorado Park Technology Hub

Personal message

The Baytul Ma'Moor Foundation is a non-profit that aims to be a sustainable support system to disadvantaged Youth by providing acess to technology and resources. To provide the foundation of growth and personal excellence of the youth.

The project focuses on providing underpriviledged youth with access to basic computer skills and access to technology. Due to the high unemployment rate in South Africa as well as the ever-broadening income gap, internet access, computer skills and quality education have been forced to move further down the priority list for low - or no - income households. 

Education and personal development are viewed as something that is not attainable for low income households and this is therefore never considered to be the vehicle to achieve growth and success. Children from these low - or no - income households absorb this mindset which leads to the perpetuation of the poverty cycle from one generation to the next. We at Baytul Ma'Moor Foundation believe that this can be changed. We aim to do this by providing a glimmer of hope through the development of the first Eldorado Park Technology Hub. 


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 350 000.00



Conduct public benefit and huminatarian activities in a non-profit manner by providing the poor, needy and destitute irrespective of their race, colour, gender, place of origin, citizenship,creed marital or family status or religion, with the basic need for food, clothes, shoes, blankets, hygiene packs and basic toiletries