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The Gift of a Granny

The Gift of a Granny

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Our “Granny Programme” has been running for just over two years. It has filled a critical gap that existed between the care being provided by our Child Care Workers and the added stimulation of our volunteer programme.

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The Granny Programme concept (which was originally the brainchild of Spence-Chapin in the USA) is a simple but highly effective one.

In a nutshell, mature women (“Grannies” or Gogos as we know them) from the local community are paid a small monthly stipend. Each Granny is allocated two young children and spends two hours per day with each child five days a week. They follow an organised routine during their time with them.

The Grannies have become trusted, primary caregiver figures to our little people, giving them real opportunities to bond and form firm emotional attachments which can then be transferred to their future parents or caregivers. During their time with the babies and toddlers, the Grannies also offer the type of individual stimulation that is important for their healthy overall development.

The consistent stimulation and attention from a loved caregiver is very significant  because, all too often, children in institutional care (like PAAH) do not have this type of experience and that, in turn, has a lifelong, detrimental impact on all areas of their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

We celebrate the fact that most of our babies now demonstrate age-appropriate developmental behaviour, and this is usually after quite a short period of being matched with their own Granny.

The pilot phase of the Programme has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) which provided stability during the start-up period. The grant will soon come to an end and we are seeking funding to keep the programme running uninterrupted.

Monies raised will be used over a 3 month period for:

  • Stipends for 10 x Grannies
  • Stationery and basic educational equipment
  • Recreational outings for Grannies and toddlers (Eg. the zoo)
  • Minimal office costs associated with running the programme (printing and telephone)


  • Apr 21, 2021 - R 100.00
  • "Brilliant idea, helps the children as well as adults." - Peter Devey

  • May 20, 2018 - USD $ 117.39
  • "We hope the program will be continued" - Yvonne & Marc

  • May 17, 2018 - R 2 000.00
  • "great program!" - liz

  • Mar 01, 2018 - USD $ 84.82
  • "keep up te good work, you are amazing!" - Noluthando McIlraith...a PA baby 24 years ago!

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