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Love 4 the Elderly - Home Sweet Home

Love 4 the Elderly - Home Sweet Home

Personal message

My wife and I would like to help an elderly couple in need who has lost all their invested money with Steinhoff.   When I was 10 years old I was adopted by Mr Johann (71) and Gertruida (74) Greyling.  My parents, as I think of them, Gertruida was a social worker at the time and they brought me up like I was their own conceived child. 

One evening while I was at a work function, I received a very disturbing call from Mrs Greyling confining in me that they had lost their whole investment and all of their money and life savings with the fall of Steinhoff and didn’t know what they were going to do. I told them not to worry and went to see them the next day to ensure them that things will work out and that they just need to be patient as I will make a plan.

After discussing this with my wife Leoni, we decided to bring them in under our roof and start building a little house for them as soon as we could, which I have started doing by myself by selling of an spare vehicle that I had.   I've also used all of my savings as we just couldn’t afford to get a contractor due to finances.  I really thought that I’ll be able to complete this project with the funds I had available, but to my disappointment I can’t due to the high costs of building materials and labour to assist me.

Johann and Gertruida Greyling spent their lives looking after me and bringing me up as the man I am today, so yes the time has come for me to pay forward and appreciate what these lovely two people have done for me in my life. 

I have spent just over R120000.00 to date on the construction of this house.  Including the roof structure with some finishes on the bathroom already. I still need to finish up the bedroom, lounge as well as the kitchen and the outside and still need to do the finishes.

You're donation will allow this elderly couple to have a place to live in free of charge for as long as they live without having to worry about rental increases or rental payments due.

Thank you kindly and may GOD's Blessings rain on you!


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I am Dirk Koekemoer, 50 years old from Kraaifontein in the Northern area of Cape Town and me and my wife really have a need to assist an pensioners couple with a little place of their own.