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The Smith's IVF Cause

The Smith's IVF Cause

Personal message

My name is Keshia-Nicole Smith (28) and my husband and I live in a small town called Gordon's Bay, Western Cape South Africa.

A couple of years before hubby and I got married in 2014, I was generally very healthy except for the sudden weight gain, irregular and then absent menstruation for a very long period of time (2 and a half years) which I thought was because of stress due to myself being unemployed, engaged and needing to help my family at home, financially.

After being unemployed for 2 years I finally caught my break and started working permanently beginning 2014. Our plans were that we would enjoy being a married couple and 5 years into our marriage start our family but that did not work out the way. 8 months into our marriage we found out that it would either not happen or it would be extremely hard for us to conceive. Our whole world came crashing down, immediately my biological clock was ticking even though I was still so very young being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), pre-menopausal and can not ovulate on my own, keeping in mind that even being assisted with falling pregnant was also very difficult as my body is resilient to the fertility medication, did not make it any easier.

A year went by and close to the end of 2016 financially, emotionally, physically and mentally it became too hard on me, my husband and on our marriage so we decided to take a break. In that time the longing of having a child did not become easier, we had so much love to give but no child to give it too, so we became Sunday school teachers at church and took part in weekend community activities to help the community kids. It was such a joy being around children, we thought long and hard and decided to become foster parents.

The beginning of 2017 we were approved as foster parents and a few months later we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that being a parent would be so fulfilling and rewarding yet challenging all at the same time. But even though we were happy, something or a little someone was still missing… A year later they placed a baby girl with us, so happy that we were given the honor to raise these beautiful children that we love as if they were our own, however the void was still there and being robbed of the opportunity to bear a child felt like a cruel punishment. We tried in between this time a few more fertility cycles but were told that the only chance we have at falling pregnant, would be IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). However, it is so expensive we cannot afford it.

In June this year we applied to be apart of Tygerberg Fertility clinic progarm and they let us know that we were accepted into the program and our first consultation will be the 10th October 2019.

Should we raise enough money to help us, it will help us fill that void we have been longing to fill for the past 4 years.

We want to make sure that we have at least tried and done all we could to conceive and if this does not work then we will make peace with what was put out for our lives.

Thank you very much for reading our story and for helping us complete our family, you would never know how much this would mean to us. God Bless you all!


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The Smith's IVF Cause

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Keshia-Nicole Smith and her husband are the proud parents of 2 foster children and are raising funds for one final IVF treatment in the hopes of having a child of their own.