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Help Tinkie keep her smile

Help Tinkie keep her smile

Funds Raised:
R 46 700
Fundraising Target:
R 160 000

Personal message

My wife had a squamous cell carcinoma on her tongue in 2005. Commando surgery was performed.

30 radiation & 3 chemo sessions were done as prevention, and through God’s grace, she is in remission since then. Unfortunately, due to radiation she struggled with infections in her jaw for more than a year post opp.  30 Sessions hyperbaric oxygen therapy eventually assisted in the healing.  The long-term damage of the radiation is becoming more evident as time is progressing, she is struggling with chronic periodontitis in her lower teeth and starting to lose some of them.

The only solution is to have an implant-supported hybrid, as dentures are not an option due to insufficient available bone. Unfortunately, without teeth, you can't eat, and it will impact her speech even more. Please help Tinkie.

Medical aid sees this as cosmetic and not a necessity, and the amounts charged are astronomical.


  • Jan 29, 2024 - R 30 000.00
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  • Nov 28, 2023 - R 5 000.00
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  • Nov 24, 2023 - R 1 000.00 Fees covered
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  • Nov 03, 2023 - R 200.00
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  • Nov 01, 2023 - R 10 000.00
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  • Oct 30, 2023 - R 500.00
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Fundraising target

R 160 000.00

Donations to date

R 46 700.00

Help Tinkie keep her smile Campaign

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In 2005, my wife had tongue cancer, underwent treatment, and is now in remission. Radiation damage to her lower teeth has led to tooth loss due to chronic periodontitis. We need help with expensive implant-supported teeth since medical aid deems it cosmetic. Your support is crucial.