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Tinta Tribe Promotion Tour

Tinta Tribe Promotion Tour

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Fundraising Target:
R 50 000

Personal message

Tinta Tribe is a talented trio consisting of Shack and Nkosiyabantu, both accomplished singers and songwriters, along with Sibulele, a skilled producer and songwriter. Our music draws inspiration from the vibrant culture of townships, affectionately known as the "kasi language," and it defies easy categorization, blending elements from Amapiano, Qgom, and Afrobeats. Our primary mission is to create captivating rhythms that get people dancing and foster unity.

On August 25th, we released a song called "Yenzeke" featuring Bafana Bomthetho and Lusta, inspired by a childhood game. The track has garnered significant attention, particularly in the Eastern Cape, with 200,000 streams on digital platforms and 700,000 views on TikTok. Many of our supporters hail from the Eastern Cape.

On November 7th, we aim to travel to the Eastern Cape to promote "Yenzeke" further and create more TikTok content with our loyal fans. Our goal is to raise awareness about Tinta Tribe and "Yenzeke" so that we can secure more bookings next year.

We require financial assistance of R50,000 to cover the expenses associated with this promotional trip. Here's how the funds will be allocated:

1. *Travel and Accommodation*: A significant portion of the budget will go towards transportation and lodging for our team during the trip. This includes flights, local transportation, and lodging in the Eastern Cape.

2. *Promotional Activities*: We'll allocate funds for promotional activities, such as organizing events, hiring local influencers, and running social media campaigns to create buzz around the song and our group.

3. *TikTok Content Creation*: We plan to create more TikTok videos with our supporters in the Eastern Cape to leverage the platform's popularity. This will include equipment, location rentals, and compensating local talent.

4. *Merchandise*: We'll invest in creating Tinta Tribe merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps, and posters, which will serve both as promotional tools and as products for sale.

5. *Miscellaneous Expenses*: This category will cover unforeseen or miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the trip.

We appreciate your support in helping us achieve our goal of promoting Tinta Tribe and "Yenzeke" in the Eastern Cape, and we're committed to making the best use of the funds to ensure a successful promotional campaign.


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Tinta Tribe Promotion Tour Campaign