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Township dogs jacket collection

Township dogs jacket collection

Personal message

The weather in Johannesburg is absolutely freezing at the moment and unfortunately not all of our furry friends get to sleep indoors or have warm cozy Jackets to help keep the cold at bay. I would like to collect funds to purchase dog Jackets from suppliers at cost price and donate them to the dogs in Diepsloot as well as Cosmo.

We would love to get atleast 500+ Jackets as there are so many pooches sleeping outside in this cold with not even a blanket or dog kennel.

ANY amount donated will be greatly appreciated as together it makes a big difference to all the lucky pups we will be able to help.




We have recieved a lot of small sized jackets ( unfortunately most township dogs are medium to large sized so small jackets have been donated to various animal shelters which have a lot of puppies)

** Thank you for instore donations-

Janet Joy Gave R200 cash donation

Customer donated 2 x jackets

Kira Keulemands donated 2 x jackets, harness and treat donation.


** Thank you DOGS LIFE for the jacket donations-

 - small jackets have been distributed between ARK animal , 4PAWS , ( looking for a 3rd charity to donate the last 3rd of small jackets too)

- There where 3 x larger jackets donated to township dogs


** R1450 of donated money was used towards the purchase of 58 new small jackets for R25 each ( a very very good price!)

 - small jackets have been distributed between ARK animal , 4PAWS , ( looking for a 3rd charity to donate the last 3rd of small jackets too)


** We swopped some small jackets for large jackets ( approx 20 x ) at The ARK animal centre and these have been distributed to township dogs as well as a couple of large breed dogs at 4PAWS

** R982 (as at 19 july 18) of remainng donations will be used to purchase medium and large jackets this week . we are trying to get better pricing from suppliers as this amout will currently only purchase about 11 size large jackets.



With the remaining money we have raised, We have managed to purchase 30 x LARGE jackets from our wonderful supplier RAZIEL, who got a discount from their supplier and who also offed additional discount. We will be distributing these to the township dogs this weekend.


  • Jul 20, 2018 - R 500.00
  • "Xxx" - Kera Hajat

  • Jul 11, 2018 - R 210.00
  • "Love this" - Sadie

  • Jul 10, 2018 - R 510.00
  • "Hope it helps " - Marcelle

  • Jul 06, 2018 - R 110.00
  • "Thank you" - Anonymous

  • Jul 06, 2018 - R 500.00
  • "Stay Warm, pups xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" - Ashley-Amber Ward-Burns

  • Jul 05, 2018 - R 102.82
  • "I know its small but every cent counts, right?" - Natalie Toft-Nielsen

  • Jul 05, 2018 - R 1 000.00
  • "Help us help them xxx" - The Royal Pooch


Donations to date

R 2 932.82

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00