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Give Trey his life back

Give Trey his life back

Funds Raised:
R 4 288
Fundraising Target:
R 40 000

Personal message

My name is Lisa on heritage day this year our lives where turned upside down, my son was rushed to hospital for a diabetic emergency spent a week in state hospital and came home a insulin dependent diabetic. Diabetes is a life altering disease, a disease we were not even aware he had, there is no history of it in our family so this was a massive shock to us. Diabetes on its own is a hell of a diagnosis for anyone, being insulin dependent is hard, the complications of diabetes are terrifying, one calculation in an insulin dosage can be catastrophic. It calls for massive dietary changes, strict scheduling, meal planning and living your life around your insulin schedule. Now for most people it's hard, for my son it's crippling. Trey is an autistic adult, he was born at 28weeks and not expected to survive, he has fought tooth and nail for the small freedoms most of us take for granted. He's been to hell and back with his autism diagnoses. Here is our story on that journey.  now this. To manage his insulin and diet which is not something he can do by himself I have had to stop working and we have gone from a two income household to a one income household with astronomical new medical costs. Trey needs 4 shots of insulin a day that need to be adjusted according to the food he eats, his bloodsugar needs to be monitored closely to high and it becomes an emergency to low and we risk diabetic coma and death. Ideally he needs a cgm continuous glucose monitor that's 4850 a month he needs to see an endocrinologist that's 2850.00 an appointment excluding his blood work. His liver has been severely impacted and he is also on statins. My son needs assistance more then I am able to financially afford right now. Doing this is hard for me, but I watched him fight every day since he was born to get here and i watch him fight everyday now. I just want to give him his little life back.


  • Oct 11, 2023 - R 2 000.00
  • "Stay strong and keep praying. Blessings!" - Anonymous

  • Oct 09, 2023 - R 200.00 Fees covered
  • "" - Anonymous

  • Oct 06, 2023 - R 1 000.00 Fees covered
  • "All looking out for you Trey." - Anonymous

  • Oct 05, 2023 - USD $ 8.38 Fees covered
  • "Good luck Lisa and Trey. Here for you anytime. Going to post the 💩 out if this message. Love you guys. ❤️" - Anonymous

  • Oct 05, 2023 - USD $ 55.87 Fees covered
  • "Lisa, we were childhood friends and your fight for Trey has touched my heart. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your babe, the fight is real, u have so much love and resilience.I am sending u a virtual hug and hope Trey gets the support he needs x" - Silvia

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Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Donations to date

R 4 287.88

Give Trey his life back Campaign

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I'm Lisa, and on Heritage Day this year, our lives were turned upside down when my son was diagnosed as an insulin-dependent diabetic. Trey, an autistic adult born prematurely, faces the challenges of managing diabetes, requiring meticulous insulin adjustments and continuous glucose monitoring. With our household income halved due to my job loss, the financial strain is immense. Trey needs a continuous glucose monitor at 4850 per month, endocrinologist appointments at 2850 each, and additional medical costs. Your support can help him regain some normalcy and improve his quality of life.

Thank you for considering, Lisa