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Sponsor SA Student in Europe 22yrs

Sponsor SA Student in Europe 22yrs

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R 270 000

Personal message


 I' am humbly requesting for financial assistance for my son, who is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the  University of Human Science and Technology in Europe. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, his  previous sponsor has dropped  their support, leaving us in a challenging situation.
My son  is a diligent and talented student who has always displayed a strong commitment to his studies.He was accepted into the University 2020/2021 year and has already completed his  first year with exceptional academic performance. However, the financial burden associate/d with tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses has become overwhelming for our family to bear alone.
As a single parent, I have been doing my best to provide for my son educational needs, but the sudden withdrawal of her sponsor has significantly impacted our financial stability. I am unable to cover the remaining university fees, which amount to R250K for the currenta and upcoming academic year. Additionally, the costs of accommodation and monthly stipend for living expenses are beyond our current means.
I am reaching out to you with the hope that you might consider assisting us in any way possible. Your generous contribution would not only alleviate our immediate financial stress but also enable my son to continue his  education without disruption. By investing in his  future, you would be making a lasting impact on his life and empowering him to achieve her dreams. If any documentation or University account details needed , they can be provided.
Thank you for considering our request and for your time and attention. 


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R 270 000.00

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Sponsor SA Student in Europe 22yrs Campaign