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TTBC Abused children

TTBC Abused children

Personal message

Dear Friends, Family & Colleagues,

With thanks to IEP Group, I am fortunate enough to have an entry to the London Marathon 2018! I have run many a marathon in my life but this is quite extraordinary for me as it will be my first International Majors.  To make this event all the more special, I have decided to raise awareness by running and raising much needed funds for a charity that is very close to my heart, The Teddy Bear Clinic (TTBC). TTBC provides services that promote healing and stop any further abuse to vulnerable children. All too often, all we need is opportunity, much like the opportunity that’s been afforded to me. Please find out more about TTBC and their invaluable work by going to their website  I would really appreciate your generosity in helping me raise these funds on behalf the lovely children. Your support in A Journey Towards Healing will change many lives for the future generation. Together, let’s make a difference!!!

With thanks,

David Mothapo


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

The Teddy Bear Foundation

The Teddy Bear Foundation Logo

The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children (TTBC) originated in 1986 in response to an urgent need for medical examinations for sexually abused children. From there it has grown into a fully fledged service for abused children which includes: Forensic medical examinations, forensic assessments, counseling, psychological testing and more recently a diversion programme for youth sexual offenders. As an NGO, our concern is not only to support children and families affected by abuse but also to promote: “CHILD ABUSE NO MORE”.