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Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses

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Personal message

In March 2023, I was admitted to the hospital for sporadic high blood pressure, high fevers, and seizures.

In April 2023, I was admitted again for investigative tests after falling severely ill with a respiratory infection.

What followed was something I was wholly unprepared for. The ensuing months brought constant illnesses, migraines, dizzy spells, injuries, and numerous visits to labs, radiologists, hospitals, and doctors. Along the way, I also experienced a dislocated knee.

Receiving a diagnosis of Hypogammaglobulinemia was unexpected. It is a disorder caused by low serum immunoglobulin or antibody levels, which are crucial components of the human immune system, responsible for recognizing antigens, triggering biological responses, and eradicating infectious sources. With these components at suboptimal levels, the body struggles to fight off infections and heal effectively.

This diagnosis has led to a slew of illnesses and mounting medical bills. I had incurred bills leading up to this point, and now I'm facing more for preventive surgeries and treatments. My constant illness led to my boss letting me go, citing that I wasn't "contributing to their work environment in a positive manner," especially since I worked with children as a teacher, leaving me exposed to infections. The part-time job I was in also became toxic, forcing me to leave.

Now, I find myself financially strained for day-to-day expenses, in addition to these accumulating and anticipated medical bills.

Accumulated medical bills:

  • Lancet: Blood tests @ R1018.70
  • Lake, Smith & Partners: Ultrasound @ R2300
  • And X-rays @ R1780
  • Sandton Radiologists @ R1570.00
  • ER Consulting Medi Clinic @ R1190.80
  • ER Consulting Life @ R1880
  • Orthopedic Consult @ R1750
  • Physio Consults @ R1100

Anticipating Medical Bills:

  • 3 Blood Tests
  • Co-payment for Surgery @ R12750
  • Physiotherapy

Any assistance to help settle these bills would be greatly appreciated. I can provide references if anyone prefers to pay the bills directly.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

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Medical Expenses 62501 Campaign

Medical Expenses 62501 Campaign Logo

In March and April 2023, I faced hospitalizations for various health issues. I was diagnosed with Hypogammaglobulinemia, leading to mounting medical bills and job loss. I now need help to cover these expenses, including surgery co-payment and physiotherapy. Your support is greatly appreciated.