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Library Recreation Project for Mbambangwe High School

Library Recreation Project for Mbambangwe High School

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Project Concept 

To repair and refurbish the Mbambangwe High School Library. 

Project Objective 

To create a space that primarily ensures all students and teachers have an appealing, user friendly and conducive reading and learning environment with a wide range of curated sources of information. A library system of novel and textbook exchanges will be launched, alongside with resources that will create the path and educate on referencing.  

Project Background   

In January 2020 Ubuntu NPO started a textbook drive for Mbambangwe High School as a way of supporting their initiative of reinstating and reopening their school library. We supported by collecting donated novels and textbooks of different grades and different subjects; we collected more than 200 books but unfortunately, we were not able to hand the books over due to COVID19 and lockdown. During lockdown, the Mbambangwe High School Library was vandalized due to community members trying to break in and set it alight. Luckily, they were not successful, but they did leave the library premises in a damaged state. The high school has managed to repair damaged lights and broken windows. Since this destruction occurred at one of our adopted schools, we decided to step up as an organisation and lend a helping hand such as repairing, repainting the walls and floors, putting in a tables, chairs, and bookshelves - later implement a more structured library system that will benefit all the high school students. We have acquired a group of dedicated volunteers that will assist in this project and make it a vision that will come to life.  


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 10 000.00

Ubuntu NPO

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Ubuntu NPO is a Durban based organisation that focuses on uplifting the underprivileged African Youth through different projects and programs. They work under a structure that consists of two components; General Segment and Business Segment. The General Segment implements projects and programs that are universal in nature and that are implemented by the majority of NPOs (e.g. textbook drive, pad drive, girl talk program, covid-19 mask donation, library recreation project and many more).

The Business Segment aims to motivate the spirit of entrepreneurs in grade 10, 11, and matric students by providing career guidance and business workshops that present different avenues in the business realm.

The core mission for Ubuntu NPO is to bridge the gap between the underprivileged African Youth and the privileged African Youth by executing projects and programs that expose the underprivileged African Youth to empowerment, development, growth, leadership, and a shift in mind-set that encourages them to step into the path of a bright future.