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Please help me save my life

Please help me save my life

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R 200 000

Personal message

Good day to all, my name is Uveshan, a 35 year old trying to get his life back. Im not sure where to start as my story is so long. Currently i am unemployed for 4 months and am a father to a beautiful 7 month old. I have lost my house, my car, medical cover and my family. I do not drink or use drugs. I was in a financial jam and was put into contact with 2 private lenders. I was diligent with my payments but started ryed noticing that the amounts needed where just getting higher and higher. I am now in a situation where ive paid back over 4 times what i borrowed and its not stopping until i pay of the unrealistic amount of interest. There are now more people involved which i never new and they are not nice people at all. Ive haf threats on my life and family, people came to my home with guns and ive been told they will send people to kill my family. I know for sure these people have contacys in SAPS and a pull in most of KZN. I have managed to make the unrealistic payments even though i was unemploged bybusing the little savings i had. Right now, beong unemployed, i cannot afford it anymore. My parents are unemployed and severly ill. I have a baby who has no diapers or food unless his mum gets it for him. The stress and anxiety has taken a toll on my body and i can feel myself dying a little every day.

I have lost everything uthing due to these guys and this is my first time asking for help via a platform as such. I am trying to reclaim my life by ending my ties to these unruly ky characters who are just not giving me a break. I am in fear of my life and my childs life daily and have nonidea what to do going forward. I am will to do drug and alcohol tests to confirm i do not abuse any substance and am willing to provide proof of my situation. I am in real need of assistance as all i want is to take of my parents, wife and child and life a good life for time i have left. 
This is a sincere plea for help, i have never done this before but am trying now due to my life being in jeopardy. Kindly find it in your hearts to assist me in any way possible to allow me an opportunity to be good son and amazing dad to my child. 


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

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Please help me save my life Campaign