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Vicky Van Zyl - Tusker Corridor Warrior

Vicky Van Zyl - Tusker Corridor Warrior

Personal message

If ever you have enjoyed the outdoors and wished that your children and their children would be able to experience the same then you might have to start asking how can I help?

I am the kind of person who does not have a clue what to do to help in crisis situations but if you tell me what you need I am there 100%.

It is the same with the nature that I love so much. I know it won’t be there forever and we might be the last generation to experience it as is but what can I do about it?

Up to now that was an unanswered question, but finally I know what I can do.

I heard about the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative and that there is a way to help them achieve their goals.

I can run the Tusker, a 230 mile ultra trail run through the corridor in an effort to raise funds for their project.

They are actively working on a program to establish, connect and preserve wildlife corridors between the Garden Route National Park, the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site and the Addo Elephant National Park, and it would be my honour to support them. The ultimate goal would be for the elephants to once again be able to travel freely on the paths they did so many years ago. 

Why am I telling you?

Well perhaps you would also be happy to know there is way for you to be part of something big.

As Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

How can you help? You can do the same. Run the course solo or as a team and help save nature.

Or if you would’ve loved to run but for some valid reason, like you have a bad knee or perhaps your boss won’t sign your leave form, you’re unable to, then why don’t you help us by donating?

It does not matter in what small of big way any of us contribute. It is the sum of all our efforts that will make a world of difference.

There is a hero in all of us!

----------    About The Tusker    ----------

The Tusker is a 230 mile, non-stop, self-navigated, semi-supported expedition ultra trail run through the Eden To Addo Wildlife Corridor.

#TuskerTough #AfricanUltraRunning

#InTheFootstepsOfGiants #WhereLegendsComeToPlay

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  • Dec 25, 2019 - R 100.00
  • "Just breathe " - Anonymous

  • Dec 24, 2019 - R 20.00
  • "All is well" - Bessie

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R 120.00

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R 25 000.00

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative Logo

THE DREAM: The Eden to Addo vision is based on the practical potential within the landscape connecting the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. But this vision is guided by a deeper question and dream: What if we could re-establish ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, what then? What other wildlife will benefit and how would that restore the ecological balance of the region?