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SA Women Fight Back Gender-Based Violence Victim Support

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SA Women Fight Back is collaborating with sister organisations to offer gender-based violence survivors a healing course after they have experienced trauma, as well as long-term trauma counselling. We operate mainly in the Western Cape and JHB but we would like to extend to all areas in South Africa.

We are currently running a Care Pack drive and have accumulated 250 packs via donations. These packs will be distributed to police stations through SA, and be given to victims of GBV trauma and rape. These packs, which cost approximately R100 to put together, including transportation costs, contain underwear, sanitary pads, a pamphlet on what to do for help, with some other items to help the survivor. 

We currently have relationships with 16 police stations across SA but would like this program to reach all stations with high GBV statistics. There are over 40 000 GBV cases reported each year and we would like to be able to supply care packs to every victim. 

We have a platform for victims and their families to request No BAIL petitions. We have had a number of successful results and wish to continue this service and reach a wider range of people to increase signatures, awareness and hope to keep more GBV accused perpetrators behind bars. 

Our future plans are to devise modern strategies to help women find employment when leaving abusive relationships, through upskilling and education in the digital field. 

We are desperately needing support to be able to offer long-term healing and to start building out programs to help womxn in need. We would like to increase our care pack drive to target every police station in SA with high statistics

We would like to reach and educate more women in rural, informal, and urban areas to teach them about GBV and let them know we are there to help. Create awareness and give the public a voice regarding GBV through our petitions.

The goals that we can achieve with the help of funding:

  • Supply trauma rooms in police stations with care packs.
  • Be able to offer victims of GBV with no funding long-term healing and support, moving them from victim to survivor.
  • Start to plan our long-term goal of education for job creation and empowerment for women.
  • Wider reach of our petitions assisting to keep Accused Criminals behind bars.

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  • "Amazing work and contribution to victims in need. " - Anonymous

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  • "Thank you for the incredible work you do to empower women " - @porkyspeople

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SA Women Fight Back

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SA Women Fight Back is a community of womxn who campaign to bring about legislative change and seek accountability to eradicate gender inequality in South Africa. SA Women Fight Back offers support to victims and survivors of Gender-Based Violence.

We offer help through a holistic approach to find safety, justice, empowerment, equality, and healing for all womxn in South Africa.