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Beyond food parcels: Village Growers' food gardens

Personal message

A group of men from Lavender Hill have made it their personal mission to transform their community, creating a green oasis of hope in midst of the ghetto. This mission started almost a year ago in a land already struggling to survive on a daily basis. Covid-19 has simply removed the veil on poverty and hunger and has made it impossible to “skarrel” for survival.

With a small amount of funds raised last year the Village Growers invested in knowledge and learnt about worm farming. They’ve been bagging their own soil since, expanding their composting and preparing to plant their vision.

They have tripled their worm farming output in six months have planted spekboom, succulent borders and vegetables. A boundary of sunflower cheers the mood in an otherwise grey environment.

During lockdown the Village Growers sprouted seedlings in their homes. Since Level 4 they have continued with their cleaning of the park and planting of vegetables. They have helped distribute food parcels to the 120 homes / 600 people in their neigbourhood, but know that this is not sustainable.

With their learning and experience to date, the Village Growers are ready to take their business up a notch. They long to have a bakkie to collect kitchen waste and garden refuse from neighbouring suburbs and restaurants. They want to buy a shredder to speed up their composting and to make mulch. The area is very sandy so production of good soil is key to their success. They have carpenters in the group making raised beds and are repurposing tree bags as grow bags.

Once their food garden is established, The Village Growers will use it to educate their neighbours, establishing an allotment style food producing community where all 120 homes in their street have the opportunity to grow their own food and there are local resources and skills to support them.

The Village Growers are enveloping their community in green food and indigenous plants. Can you help them achieve their dream?

Funds raised will be spent on:

  • Building and planting raised beds
  • Tools (Spades, wheelbarrows, forks, rakes)
  • Shredder (for composting operations)
  • Cellphone
  • Transport

Follow our progress here.


  • Oct 03, 2020 - R 500.00
  • "Good luck" - Jeanine

  • Aug 05, 2020 - R 500.00
  • "wishing you well" - Karin

  • Jul 21, 2020 - R 1 000.00
  • "

    Wishing you all much success on Mandela day and every day into the future !

    " - Granr

  • Jul 18, 2020 - R 670.00
  • "Happy Nelson Mandela Day :) " - Sam BMK CAN

  • Jul 14, 2020 - R 200.00
  • "May your food gardens thrive! " - Andrea

  • Jul 12, 2020 - USD $ 11.81
  • "Wishing you great success!" - Gary

  • Jul 10, 2020 - R 301.00
  • "Fantastic initiative! Wishing you every success." - Greta Graham

  • Jul 09, 2020 - R 250.00
  • "What a great initiative!" - Ilana Stone

  • Jun 16, 2020 - R 250.00
  • "Brilliant initiative! " - Camilla

  • May 30, 2020 - R 200.00
  • "Keep growing! " - Samuels

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