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The operation of blacky the sweetest dog

The operation of blacky the sweetest dog

Funds Raised:
R 553
Fundraising Target:
R 5 000

Personal message

Good day everyone my name is Vinolia Hector I'm here today to reach out to all animal lover to please help me raise funds for my dog blacky who has been shot at and needs operation I'm unfortunately unemployed at the moment and can't afford to pay for his fees I really love my dog and would love for him to get better and come home im sad that i can't help him but im reaching out to everyone to please consider helping blacky his eyes were telling me please help me im in pain he needs this operation.thank you for ready and hope we receive some help it will really make us happy as blacky family that he comes home soon and all funds will be used on his operation and medication.God bless all 


  • Oct 06, 2023 - USD $ 21.61 Fees covered
  • "" - Anonymous

  • Oct 05, 2023 - USD $ 10.81 Fees covered
  • "Praying for your pup" - Ewa

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Fundraising target

R 5 000.00

Donations to date

R 552.53

The operation of blacky the sweetest dog Campaign