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Vitalis PhD Registration Fees

Vitalis PhD Registration Fees

Personal message

My name is Vitalis Gutu, a married man and father of four children. I am a certified professional educator, researcher and trainer currently teaching English Home Language and First Additional at Dansa International College but want to upgrade my academic qualification.

I am a holder of a Master's in Peace and Governance interested in working in Electoral Processes, hence my application to study for a PhD in Electoral Processes with Unisa. I hope to study and upgrade myself so as to manage to send my children to to University. Currently, the first and second daughters are in Grade 11 and 10 respectively and Studying Commercials.

They want to study Actuarial Sciences or Accountancy and given my current wages, I will not manage to send them to University hence the need to upgrade myself and hopefully get more job opportunities.  

I am fundraising for urgent registration fees for a PhD Degree needed by 30 April 2019. I only got the acceptance letter on 11 April 2019. Honestly, this once in a life time opportunity for me will slip by if I fail to get financial assistance. I will surely miss the deadline which is in 12 Days from now.

Reaching my target will have a big impact on my life.I will hopefully complete, get better opportunities for my children who are high achievers in school and have high dreams. I may serve South Africa and the SADC region in other capacities as well, God willing. I also hope to make some humble contributions to Education and Training in the Region, particularly in Electoral Processes that are causing instability in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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Fundraising target

R 4 200.00

Vitalis Gutu Education Cause

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Vitalis Gutu is crowdfunding to raise funds for his UNISA registration fees for his PhD