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Vriende van die Tolhuis / Toll House Montagu Pass, George

Vriende van die Tolhuis / Toll House Montagu Pass, George

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The Historic Toll House in the Montagu Pass near George survived 2 World Wars and an Industrial Revolution but sadly not the devastating 2018 George Wildfires.  This fire was 4 times worse than the 2017 Knysna fires and threatened to destroy the beautiful City of George.  We are hugely thankful that homes were spared but we were gutted when we learned that our beloved Toll House was destroyed in the fires.   

The Toll House is a National Monument that is lovingly cared for by a group of friends who call themselves:  Friends of the Toll House.  Many of the items in the Toll House were personal family heirlooms belonging to the Chairperson, Gerda Stols and her children.  Sadly, these heirlooms were destroyed during the fire.

Please consider a donation to help us to re-build this beauty and restore her to her former glory.  We are rebuilding many memories and are hoping that you would join us in making some precious new memories.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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R 100 000.00

Vriende van die Tolhuis

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A few kilometers outside of George where the Montagu Pass meets three other Passes, you will find a monument known simply as the Toll House. It has survived an industrial revolution and 2 world wars but sadly not the 2018 George Wildfires.
It has stood on that corner of the small dirt road going over the Outeniqua Mountains since 1847 with the only chimney that has smoke coming out of it for many kilometers.