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Vukulu Maphindani Book Research Cause

Vukulu Maphindani Book Research Cause

Personal message

I'm Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani, a 31 year-old based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm a renowned black consciousness activist and author and I strive for the self-determination and self development of Africans.

I own a book publishing business, Classic Age Publishing, and my work revolves around telling African stories the way they are supposed to be told. I have previously appeared in both national and international media.

The fundraising is for the research, writing, publishing, distribution and the marketing of a book about True African history. For over 400 years of European colonialism in Africa, preceded by 1500 years of Arab enslavement of Africans, Africans have suffered the destruction of their scripts, knowledge systems, tablet writing systems, art, spirituality, civilization history and their philosophical memory. So the book will look into the rewriting of true African history that doesn't overlook Africa's contribution to world history and civilization. It will also explore the spiritual and scientific psychology behind the building of pyramids all around Africa. From Ancient Nubia or present Sudan to far North in Egypt then back to South Africa in Barberton etc. since Pyramids were all built in alignment with the stars which reflects black people's astrological history.

The campaign is inspired by the fact that 75% of African history today is written by mostly European scholars therefore compromising black people's participation in telling their own story as they understand it.

The donations will help with the research, writing, publishing, printing and the distribution of the book.

Thank you for contributing towards this wonderful work of literature.  Your contribution means a lot towards this work of rehabilitating Africa back to its glory!


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 110 000.00

Vukulu Maphindani Book Research Cause

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Vukulu Maphindanie is raising funds for a book he is writing about the history of Africa and her people over the last 2000 years.