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Walking 250km Tankwa Camino for HOPE

Walking 250km Tankwa Camino for HOPE

Personal message

I will be taking on the 250km Tankwa Karoo in May.  The Tankwa Camino ( is a 10 day walk through the Tankwa Karoo.  My "Camino" will be to raise funds to help children affected by trauma, abuse and neglect.  I have chosen Jelly Beanz, a NGO, that helps children process these through a variety of programs.

Please take a minute to find out my "Why?" and how you can be apart of my journey...


The sexual abuse of children in South Africa is taking on epidemic proportions. The Optimus foundation found that one in three South African children have experienced some form of sexual abuse before age 17 (both boys and girls). 


I think we would all like to live in a better world. 

Unthinkably bad things happen on an ongoing basis, especially to children.

Many of the affected children come from communities that have few resources to deal with the abuse. 

Help me change the outcome of as many of these children’s lives as possible.



Please take on this epic challenge with me. 

You can support me in 3 ways:

  • Share this post with as many people/businesses as possible
  • Donate to our Back-a-Buddy campaign 
  • Educate yourself, your children and your friends on how to deal with this ongoing epidemic (visit


If this resonates with you, please read on and see how you can get involved.


I have chosen Jelly Beanz, an NGO that helps children process trauma with a variety of programs.  The Therapets program first drew me to them, but all of their programs resonate with me.


Therapets: Our Furry Helper

This is Danni and she is part of the therapeutic team…“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”   Maya Angelou

What Danni does?

Taking care of children and their caregivers: nurturing them, gives therapists information through her body language and interactions, a sense of mastery, creating therapeutic moments and conversations and helping the children feel protected and safe. ‘She just ‘gets it’’.

Danni also takes care of the therapists by helping us feel loved and safe. Her training and grooming “forces” us to take time out to take care of ourselves

Some little Danni Stories:

One day when Danni was still, a puppy she went on her morning walks and came across a young boy that had been bumped over by a bus. He was sitting on the side of the road, dazed and disoriented. Of her own accord, Danni ran up to the boy and lay down next to him, putting her head gently on his legs and looking at him. The boy started to stroke her, and the more he stroked her the calmer he became and orientate himself again on his surroundings. It wasn’t long before Danni and the boy were jumping around and laughing together. These two strangers that connected needed no words, yet the little boy departed having been enriched by the intense comfort and positive attention that Danni shared.

Danni participated in an assembly at a school, where conversations regarding body safety were held. Afterward a little girl went to her teacher and told her that she needed to share a secret with the dog and her mom The girl then shared that she had been sexually abused, and that Danni’s presence helped her feel safe and brave.

One of the teenagers we are working with recently had a life changing experience with Danni. The young man asked her to ’sit’, which she did, and he became very quiet. He turned to his therapist with amazement on his face and said “This is the first time that anyone has ever listened to me in my whole life”. The young man left a little more confident than which he came in.


The ‘OUR BODIES – helping parents, caregivers and teachers to talk with young children about sexuality’ Book

South African research shows that 1 in 3 children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Boys and girls are at equal risk of being sexually abused. Disturbingly, just over 40% of sexual abuse is perpetrated by other children. How we protect our children from being exposed to sexual acts and related issues in everyday life and in the virtual world? The best way to start protecting our children is having open and honest conversations about such issues. Jelly Beanz has developed an activity book to assist parents and teachers to initiate discussions with young children. ‘Our Bodies’ promotes education and understanding regarding issues of sexuality and body safety so that caregivers and children are empowered to make positive and informed decisions.



The support of a parent/caregiver is critical in the long term mental health and physical outcomes for children who have been sexually abused. This role becomes even more pronounced in a country such as South Africa, where children and families have limited access to state mental health services and medico-legal services. Unfortunately support for caregivers of children who have been sexually abused, has been found to be mostly non-existent.

This programme is intervention is aimed at assisting the parents/caregivers of children who have been sexually abused to experience personal relief of trauma as well as to strengthen their coping skills to respond to their child’s trauma. The recovery of the individual child is concurrently addressed and the groundwork is laid for the prevention of re-victimization of the child. The programme is currently being piloted in three rural areas in South Africa namely Gert Sibanda (Mpumalanga province), Harry Gwala (Kwa-Zulu Natal province) and Umkhanyakude (Kwa-Zulu Natal province) where families have limited access to services. A qualitative research design is being employed to assess the efficacy of the programme..


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Jelly Beanz Inc. provides hope to children who have been affected by trauma and abuse. We recognise that families, individuals and communities do not have equal access to mental health services. This is why Jelly Beanz tries to target areas that experience high levels of disadvantage and struggle.