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Water is Life

Water is Life

Personal message

My name is Kerri-leigh Mayes (34) and I live in Port Edward.

We moved to Port Edward in January 2018 and thought that we had moved to Paradise. Don't get me wrong, it is... Or would be, if we had water.

The community is amazing and also such a close group of people. Anyone and everyone is willing to lend a hand to make sure that people have water. Places like the Country Club and Estuary have invited people to make use of the showers the local church supplies us with borehole water (sometimes UGU fills static tanks with water). Collecting this water isn't possible for everyone. The Elderly, people without transport that are going to collect water in a wheelbarrow... it is heartbreaking.

We don't have water and have just gone through a period of 21 days without water. Yes, that's correct 21 days... Just think for a second if you could handle that?? This time we are not sure how long it will be before we have water again as one of the major pumps that supply us with water have gone in for repairs which can take weeks. This is not a new thing in Port Edward and some residents have advised us that it's been going on for 10 years...

The only solution at this stage is to prepare yourself and this is where the problem is. Tanks are the immediate solution however not many people can afford a tank at +-R2000 without installation.

My goal is to help... even if it is only a few families that are in desperate need for help... Come on, South Africa, friends, and family. We all united to help Capetown when they had the drought... Help me to subsidise the price of water tanks and give families their basic human right... Water is life.

The 2200L water tanks are available from Build it Port Edward for R1999
I will match every R1000 raised through this campaign and the total of R2000 will then be used to purchase a tank for a needy household. This will help the elderly, disabled and families without transport to access water on their properties.

Build It has offered to give free delivery of the tanks.

*Funds raised will do directly to Build It Port Edward*


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

Kerri-leigh Mayes Water Cause

Kerri-leigh Mayes Water Cause Logo

Kerri-leigh Mayes (34) from Port Edward is crowdfunding to purchase water tanks for families in need in Port Edward where there are major water shortages.