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Wayne & Ingrid Brown's Ironman for the Smile Foundation

Wayne & Ingrid Brown's Ironman for the Smile Foundation

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Ingrid vs Wayne Challenge

On the 6th April 2014 Ingrid and Wayne Brown will be taking part in their third Ironman South Africa. This is a 3.8km swim; 180km cycle and a 42km run!!! Yes, this is all done in one day!!  Quite a physical endurance challenge. This year we would like you to be part of it with us and join us in  raising money for the Smile Foundation. 

We are really honoured to be part of the The Smile Foundation Ironman Team, with the main goal being - to raise funds for this incredible organisation.  To change the lives of children with facial conditions and to help them realise their dreams through much needed free facial reconstructive surgery.

To make it more fun , when placing your donation you can let us know who YOU think is going to win out of the two of us. Will it be INGRID or will it be WAYNE??

When you make your donation let us know who you think will be the winner.

- If betting INGRID wins then add one rand to your donation (eg R301),

- If you betting WAYNE wins then add R2 to your donation (eg R302)

Lets have some fun and make people SMILE!!

We need your support in making this ironman count! Thanks!

PS: previous iron man best times for INGRID (11 hours 2 min), Wayne (11hours 21min ) But remember now we have a new ironman bike route !!

You can track my progress on the 6th April 2014 via:<>



Name Comment Date Amount
Wayne and Lindsay Timm Thinking of you 2 today!! Apr 08, 2014 R 200.00
Ernest, Lynn, Jacklyn and Ingrid Go Wayne! Just don't swim like a Queenian;) Apr 08, 2014 R 400.00
Brent Clark An equal amount per Wayne and Ingrid for an awesome cause. You guys rock! Apr 07, 2014 R 2 000.00
Brett & Lynne My money is on you Ing!! Girl power. Good luck to you both. We admire your effots and commitments. Apr 05, 2014 R 351.00
Gerald & Marianne Brown Go girl, go!! Apr 04, 2014 R 210.00
Robyn, Megan & Oliver Give us a smile en route! Apr 03, 2014 R 100.00
Greg Good luck Wayne Apr 03, 2014 R 302.00
Tharina Will spot you from 11th Ave! Good luck! Apr 03, 2014 R 301.00
Gerald & Marianne Good luck Wayne Apr 03, 2014 R 120.00
Jenny rubidge Good luck to you both Apr 03, 2014 R 200.00
David No pressure Wayne ;) You can do it! Apr 02, 2014 R 202.00
Tracey Best of luck Ingrid! Apr 02, 2014 R 201.00
Sharon Wilson Never good at making up my mind ... May the best 'person' win! Have an awesome race! Apr 01, 2014 R 103.00
Rick & Jo Good luck to an awesome couple Apr 01, 2014 R 200.00
Neil Good Luck have fun on the day - Daddy Daycare Apr 01, 2014 R 500.00
Lester Enjoy Mar 31, 2014 R 100.00
Claire Smile alll the while Mar 31, 2014 R 100.00
Loreen Le Roux Wishing you good weather - everything of the best ! Mar 27, 2014 R 101.00
Steven Buhr Ingrid is going to fly, but Wayne will not come 2nd again, will be supporting both of you and the Smile Team! Mar 26, 2014 R 202.00
Britney and Chad Brown Good luck mommy and daddy, hope you have a fun time! Mar 26, 2014 R 84.00
Chris Hope you both have a fantastic race. Sorry Wayne, I think you missed out on training time drink your ski trip. Mar 25, 2014 R 401.00
Angela Ackermann You have beaten Wayne once... do it again!!!! GO INGRID!!!! xxx Mar 25, 2014 R 101.00
Nomfundo Hlela All the best! I will be cheering for both teams:) Mar 25, 2014 R 502.00
Christoff Good luck to both of you, but I am betting on my old training partner. Go Ingrid!! Mar 19, 2014 R 201.00
Rich and Gill Good luck both of you! Mar 18, 2014 R 300.00
Ross Easy does it Mar 17, 2014 R 302.00
Sean & Alison Lynch go and make your parents & kids proud! Mar 16, 2014 R 500.00
Carla & Darwin Go Ingrid Mar 16, 2014 R 200.00
Carla & Darwin Go Wayne Mar 16, 2014 R 200.00
JJ Dowling Go Wayne... Mar 14, 2014 R 302.00
Neil Cole Betting on Ingrid Mar 10, 2014 R 101.00
Belinda Cole good luck, you are an inspiration Mar 10, 2014 R 102.00
Alex Good luck Wayne Mar 09, 2014 R 502.00
Katy Good luck Ingrid Mar 09, 2014 R 501.00
Anonymous Good luck , hope its a tie...... Mar 09, 2014 R 500.00
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Smile Foundation

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Smile Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings people together for the purpose of providing expert surgical intervention, creating greater social involvement and enabling sensible corporate social investment – to make a difference in the lives of children with facial anomalies.

We offer holistic care to transform the lives of these children who are threatened with rejection by society.

The Smile Foundation is about meaningfully connecting people to bring about new opportunities, new futures, with the result being – new lives.