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We Are Hungry!

Funds Raised:
R 336 100
Fundraising Target:
R 1 000 000

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Please HELP us restore the dignity of our fellow human beings. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.



By way of introduction, Centre for Humanity is a humanitarian relief organisation working in the most impoverished communities of our country. In collaboration with the non-profit organisation Naqshbandi South Africa, we have more than 15 years’ experience of working in these communities. Our services include establishing community centres that are utilized for purposes inter alia of crèches, religious instruction, skills development, community empowerment and establishing feeding schemes.



With the current lockdown, the current economic slump facing the globe and the ever-increasing unemployment rate in our country we are facing an unprecedented demand for feeding particularly in our impoverished areas. Since the lockdown we have been inundated with requests for assistance from within these communities in Southern Africa. This need compelled us to reconsider and revise our feeding programmes, with the aim of expanding our reach by increasing the feeding from our food kitchens from a weekly to, in most cases, a daily basis, as well as establishing additional food kitchens in the areas requesting assistance.

Our initial capacity was to serve 3,500 meals per day for a 10-week period across 26 food kitchens. However, as it currently stands, we are serving more than 10,000 meals per day across 54 food kitchens. Herewith, a live link that provides a visual current view of our feeding programme

Our initial intention of running the increased feeding for 10 weeks needed to be revised as well. Based on our calculations as well as financial outlooks, we will have to sustain this current programme at least until October 2020. This represents a considerable challenge for us as an NPC which relies exclusively on private donors and fundraising initiatives. Our calculations show that it currently costs around R10.50 to provide a nutritious meal to one person per day or R315 per month.

It is our humble request that if you wish to participate in the worthy cause of assisting those in need particularly during the challenging times that confront all of us but more so those residing under impoverished circumstances, to please donate to this worthy cause. We have section 18A certification from SARS that entitles us to issue tax deduction certificates to donors upon request. This enables us to encourage philanthropy amongst private individuals and companies like yourselves. As this provides you with a tangible incentive of making tax deductible donations, and at the same time you are also promoting the welfare of humanity.



We appeal to you to please donate to our cause generously. We need you to dig into your pockets and donate. Please. And please SHARE our cause.

We have a 100% donation policy. Every cent we raise will be used for the feeding programme.


  • May 13, 2020 - R 100.00 Fees covered
  • "God bless you!" - Anonymous

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Fundraising target

R 1 000 000.00

Donations to date

R 336 100.00

Funds raised offline

R 336 000.00

Centre For Humanity NPC

Centre For Humanity NPC Logo

Centre for Humanity was founded in 2018 as a registered non-profit company, established in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Centre for Humanity focuses on a range of different problems and causes surrounding the residents of South Africa, and more importantly those who are underprivileged or don’t have access to the proper resources, nor support to meet their basic needs.

We strive to deliver services that will aid in the lives of as many individuals possible.

The purpose of these services is predicated on supporting those who struggle to support their families, as well as themselves, children who don’t have access to education or a safe environment. Services also include the provision of food, water, sanitation, or any other related need.