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R 80 000

Personal message

In 2021, I faced a life-altering challenge as I lost my right leg due to complications from diabetes. This tragic event not only resulted in the physical loss but also led to the unraveling of my professional life and income stream. The impact on my ability to provide for my family was profound.

The journey through this difficult period has been arduous, marked by the struggle to move around and the inability to fulfill my responsibilities at work and home. The emotional toll has been immense, and the loss of my independence has been a constant reminder of the hurdles I face.

Your support can be the catalyst for change in my life. By raising funds for a prosthetic limb, I can regain the mobility to walk independently. This, in turn, will enable me to re-enter the workforce, not only restoring my financial stability but also allowing me to resume my responsibilities towards my family.

Your contribution will not only provide the means for a prosthetic limb but will also open a new chapter in my life, one where self-respect and dignity are restored. This campaign is not just about physical mobility; it's about reclaiming the essence of a fulfilling life that was momentarily disrupted by an unfortunate event.

With your generous support, I can overcome the challenges that have tested my resilience. Your contribution will not only fund a prosthetic but will also be an investment in rebuilding a life that was momentarily derailed.

Thank you for being a part of this journey to restore my independence, self-respect, and dignity.


Fundraising target

R 80 000.00

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In 2021, I lost my right leg to diabetes, leading to job loss and financial strain.

The struggle to move and fulfill responsibilities has taken a toll. Your support for a prosthetic will restore my mobility, enabling me to work and provide for my family. 

Join me in this journey to regain independence and overcome the challenges life has thrown my way.