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The Western Cape Football for Physically Disabled (WCFPD) team is in need of raising funds in order to attend the South African Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD), National Games this Easter in Bloemfontein. 

These young adults are passionate about the game of football and are led by an equally passionate coach (Kevin Valentine). Coach Valentine is going into his fifth year as the team's coach, along with his Assistant Coach, Gavin Alexander, who is on his third year with the team.

Words from Coach Valentine, 

"I’ve been invoved with these youngsters, since their school days. I regard them as my children. I treat them fairly, because I love them and wish I can be a special part in their lives"

 "This tournament means everything to us. Everything. To see the excitement on their faces, traveling by bus, to intermingle with the players of other provinces, to see the field, and actually go out and play"

The WCFPD is in dire need help for financing this trip to Bloemfontein. Unfortunately, at the moment they won't be able to attend due to lack of funding. However, thankfully non-profit organisation PS4L has stepped in and assumed the role helping raise funds.

Please help these kids achieve their dreams of playing in the physically disabled national tournament this year. All money raised will go directly into financing this trip and the player/coach expenses.

Thank you,



Name Comment Date Amount
Joyce & Roos Support from The Netherlands. I wish the team the best and don't forget to have fun!! Mar 21, 2018 R 4 112.80
AJT Good luck and enjoy ! Mar 21, 2018 R 1 028.20
John Esau So glad that I could help a Cape Town footballing legend - Coach Kevin Valentine Mar 19, 2018 R 102.82
Clyde Van Graan Kevin Valentine is one of my childhood heroes Mar 19, 2018 R 1 028.20
Wayne Williams Supporting the team all the way from Oman Mar 19, 2018 R 5 000.00
George Dearnaley Amazing kids, amazing athletes - respect to all of you! Mar 19, 2018 R 5 010.00
Candice Bush Go for gold boys!! Mar 16, 2018 USD $ 88.46
Lucy Kunz Cheering for you from Toronto Mar 15, 2018 USD $ 26.82
Respect reunion fund Good one Miles! Go guys! Mar 14, 2018 USD $ 44.60
Shahn Jeffries God bless everyone involved in this awesome initiative!! Mar 14, 2018 R 500.00
Bernie Sometimes a little goes a long way! Mar 14, 2018 R 205.64
The Higgos, Australia Good luck team, enjoy Mar 14, 2018 R 954.03
patrick wagner I wish the squad makes it to the tournament and enjoys the experience. Mar 14, 2018 R 514.10
Trevor and Avril Welby-Solomon Happy to help a worthy cause. Mar 14, 2018 USD $ 101.63
Shelley and Rhona Tobin Good luck team Mar 14, 2018 USD $ 44.60
Chirvan Edross Good luck Mar 14, 2018 USD $ 17.84
Morans Go get em! Mar 13, 2018 R 185.75
Gaile Barnes Happy to support a great cause Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 44.50
Celeste and Matt Good luck Buddies! Mar 13, 2018 R 501.07
Dakalo Amazing work big to play sport 4 life Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 42.30
Pat Clark Good Luck! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 248.42
mally ludski Go get them!!! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 44.50
Brad and Kate Hennequin Have a great time !! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 17.80
Chloe, Bobby, Max and Charlie Have fund guys Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 17.80
Lynn & Peter Ivancic Best of luck! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 52.66
Mila & Gianna Bouwers Goodluck!!! Mar 13, 2018 R 514.10
Sophie Go get em! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 44.50
John Camacho Good luck, make us all proud... Mar 13, 2018 R 514.10
Franco Once again an amazing project! Let's make sure these guys will get the time of their lives. Keep up the good work! Mar 13, 2018 R 308.46
Jason Tobin Good luck.... Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 44.50
Felix Rajapakse Good luck and have fun! Mar 13, 2018 USD $ 42.30
Becky & Fred Cheering for you all of the way! Mar 12, 2018 USD $ 84.59
Ray Orlik Great initiative. Have a great trip and come home with the silverware. Mar 12, 2018 R 1 010.00
single-track I know you guys will do great! Mar 12, 2018 R 308.46
Cleo & Zac Good luck!! Mar 11, 2018 R 1 000.00
Phillip November Good luck boys! Mar 10, 2018 R 514.10
Kulwant Shergill Best of Luck!!!! Mar 09, 2018 USD $ 83.93
Kaitlin Wakefield Nothing can dim the light that shines from within Mar 09, 2018 R 1 028.20
Dicky White Good luck guys, wishing you all the best. Mar 08, 2018 R 110.00
Colleen Hennequin Hope you reach your goal Mar 08, 2018 USD $ 355.57
Streamline Agencies #support Mar 07, 2018 R 500.00
Miranda October What an awesome initiative. Happy to support it Mar 07, 2018 R 5 141.00
Josh and Gill Good luck !!!! Mar 06, 2018 USD $ 74.00
Colin "Malvolio" Stofberg Some are born great, some achieve greatness." -- Malvolio in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Go and achieve greatness. (from Harold Cressy's best known "Malvolio) Mar 06, 2018 USD $ 115.86
Colleen Tobin Hennequin Good luck guys Mar 06, 2018 USD $ 169.13
Miles's World Cup Buddy Let's get this show on the road Mar 06, 2018 USD $ 17.79
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