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WHWF Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center - Help build the Dream

WHWF Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center - Help build the Dream

Funds Raised:
R 7 716
Fundraising Target:
R 500 000

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Since inception, it has always been the dream of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation to open its own Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, and be so much more than a Support Organization. But dreams like that come with a heavy price tag, and not one that we could even remotely afford.

Over the past 8 years, with the loving support of our kind donors, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation has helped thousands of animals, and supported tens of ethical rehabilitation organizations with whatever they may require in order to help save wildlife. From equipping clinics, to driving thousands of kilometers to save a single animal, from doing lion vasectomies in the back of our field truck, Scooby, to catching crickets for illegally traded rescued chameleons, to educating thousands of people on the perils Wildlife face. We have done it all, and so much more that we never mention, and will continue to do, for as long as we are able to. Proudly, #DoingWhatWeSay & #ShowingWhatWeDo. You can see more of what we've done, by clicking here.

Recently, we have taken up the opportunity of a lifetime! WHWF is now situated on the most beautiful farm out in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Here we are free to pursue the dream to build our own WHWF Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center, while still carrying on our work across South Africa, assisting other Organizations and Individuals with supplies and rescuing, relocating and helping animals in any way we possibly can. 

You can read more on our website by clicking here.

All we want to do at WHWF, is help Wildlife, as best we can.

Our aim with this entire development is to provide a practical facility for serving the surrounding community with wildlife challenges,  being able to immediately stabilize wild animals in need, deal with wildlife emergencies, and allowing any Veterinarian in need of an equipped clinic to utilize the space.

And to make this dream a reality, we'll need your help to raise the funds.

Clean-up of the areas, and repairs to the main building have started, and we're ready to start building enclosures, and sourcing the multitude of items needed to run a Wildlife Clinic and Rehabilitation Center in an effective, professional way.

Needs - Basic:

There is a strong borehole, with adequate water, but we need to install a water softening system to benefit patients and protect piping infrastructure against calcification and metal deposits. Security lighting and electric fencing, an electric gate motor, and off-grid solutions are of paramount importance. A pressure pump is needed to supply adequate pressure to the washbay and for cleaning enclosures. Our monthly Satellite Wi-fi costs and phone bills need to be covered to keep us connected in case of emergencies. Basic salaries for key staff need to be covered. Fuel Costs are an essential that we need help with, being 38km from the closest town.

Needs - Building Materials & Equipment:

We are in need of extensive support with regards to building materials, like sand, stone, cement, tiles, fencing, wire, poles and supports, shade netting, paint of all kinds, wheelbarrows, a welding machine, a compressor, planks for roofing, gumpoles and laths for enclosures. Building tools, steel of all kinds, galvanized fittings and pipes, nails and screws. 

Needs - Clinic Equipment:

WHWF would like to equip our own clinic with the same kind of equipment we've supplied to others over the years:

Examples: Stainless steel examination table, electronic scale, instrument trolley, surgical instruments, patient cages, consumables like we supplied to Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital; aneasthetic machine, hydraulic surgery table, generator, drip stand, washing machine, tumble dryer, oxygen system, veterinary medicines and food supplies like we supplied to The Rhino Orphanage. Infra-red heating system, heavy duty trolley, artificial lawn, chest freezer like we supplied to VulPro. Blankets, sheets, examination tables, workstations, tracking units, like we supplied to Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation. Large, mobile cages, otoscopes, stainless steel cabinets and surgical instruments like we've supplied to Umoya Khulula. All kinds of consumables like syringes, gloves, ringers, disinfectant and cleaning supplies, patient cages, like we supplied to Friends of Free Wildlife. Probiotics and specialized food mixes like we supplied to Bambelela Vervet Monkey Rescue NPC. Field response emergency kits like we supplied Wildlife Rescue, Johannesburg.

There are many more examples of what we've done for others, and now need to do for our own Clinic, to the benefit of the Wildlife we so passionately love. We have always supported other projects we believe in, and now the time has come to focus on our own projects.

Needs - Education Center

For the education center we are in need of audio-visual equipment such as a large screen, projector, laptop, foldable seating and desks, custom seating cushions. We will need printing services of educational materials, pamphlets and flyers. Urn for catering purposes, small fridge.

Needs - Wildlife:

In order to be preapared for any patients or rescues we might encounter, we urgently need snake removal tongs and handling tubes, blankets, sheets, and many, many towels, rags, water bowls, shelter depending on species, such as dog houses and wooden bird boxes, glass terrariums, litter trays and mattresses, foam padding etc. Also all kinds of hoods and covers for animals' eyes and mouths where applicable. Eye protection, thick gloves and capture nets.

It is clear that we will need all the help we can get. Thank you for reading this far, and please consider making a contribution so that we can continue to help our precious Wildlife.

If there are any Corporate Sponsors looking to invest in a very worthwhile tax write-off - this is your chance! Please Contact Us if you would like to get involved, or need more information.

WHWF is a registered NPO and PBO, which means that donations from South African tax payers and corporates may qualify for Tax Certificates, taking some sting out of the tax man’s assessment. If you'd like to donate directly, please do so by clicking here.

Meanwhile we'll keep on working on implementing Big, Wild Plans, with our Passionate Wild Hearts.

Paul & Carina (CJ)


  • Aug 13, 2023 - USD $ 28.51 Fees covered
  • "Lots of love to you in this quest to help more animals." - Lucia Steeg

  • Aug 12, 2023 - USD $ 108.05 Fees covered
  • "Will continue to help WHWF as often as I can, l am so supportive and grateful to WHWF for all their efforts and commitment to helping Wildlife!" - Anonymous

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R 500 000.00

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