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Wisekids Covid-19 Christmas Box

Wisekids Covid-19 Christmas Box

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Wisekids Trust seeks to alleviate child poverty in Zimbabwe and Africa through exposing vulnerable and gifted kids to sports (tennis, golf and swimming), ICT skills, public speaking, music and dance and educational trips. Wisekids Trust helps kids to excel in life. We have a passion to build their confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age and to create opportunities for them to prosper.

COVID 19 Christmas Food Box

In a bid to bring joy to children’s heart this Christmas, Wisekids Trust will be donating the COVID 19 Christmas Food Boxes on 19 December 2020 to 40 vulnerable and gifted kids. There’s nothing more heartfelt than a smile that creeps across a child’s face. A total of ZAR435.14 helps us to buy one food box/per kid.

Wisekids Trust has assisted up to 33 vulnerable and gifted kids since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Trust will continue to be active in this space and help kids whose families were negatively affected by the pandemic.

Wisekids Trust is grateful for the generosity and help of our partners and friends who made our recent donation day, 17 October 2020 a huge success. Wisekids Trust provided food baskets to 20 kids and the event was covered by a local newspaper, Sunday News:

Food Box/Items

Below is food items and their total cost to feed one kid:

4kg sugar @ZAR71.40, 4kg rice @ ZAR80, 10kg mealie meal @ ZAR68, 4l cooking oil @ZAR88.74, 5kg flour @ ZAR110, 1kg salt @ ZAR17. Total Amount ZAR435.14

Cement Siding is one of the poorest peri-urban areas in Bulawayo with high levels of unemployment and poverty. Kindly partner with us and help see the children through the December holidays until schools reopen in January 2021.



Twitter:              @WisekidsTrust

Linkedin:           Portia Pauline Mutungwazi


  • Dec 15, 2020 - USD $ 50.02
  • "Thanks for all you do " - Ru

  • Nov 03, 2020 - R 500.00
  • "

    I pray that wisekids will expand and be able to accommodate who are under priviledged

    " - Angel

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Wisekids Trust

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Wise kids Trust PL is a non-profit making organization founded in October 2018 which seeks to identify and nurture life and ICT skills in primary school-going children from underprivileged communities, build confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age and improve the world they live in, and ultimately alleviate poverty in Zimbabwe and Africa.


The Trust intends to alleviate several negative outcomes such as child marriage, child prostitution, poor academic achievement, school dropout, exploitation, violence, abuse, neglect, physical and mental health problems and promote healthy child development.

Wise kids Trust was registered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on 03/09/2018 under deed of Trust Number MA0000329/2018.


Wisekids Trust seeks to be at the forefront of alleviating child poverty through identifying and nurturing life skills ((through sports (tennis, swimming, and golf), music, public speaking, educational trips)) and to ultimately achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for children in Sub Saharan Africa.

The Trust was co-founded by Portia Pauline Mutungwazi and Tendai Mutungwazi, as parents themselves they felt the need to identify, nurture life skills, build the confidence of underprivileged children from a tender age.