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Youth Centre for Queer+ Youth

Personal message

In July 2020 PWR Project embarked on the idea of opening Youth Centre’s throughout South Africa, aimed at creating a safe space where youth from all backgrounds and means can come to, for an accepting, understanding and resourceful environment.

Our aim has never been one of exclusivity - as we understand that bullying and discrimination is a plague that has touched people of all ages. With that said, the premise of the Youth Centre is to find those who are, at their age, unable to perhaps help themselves and lift themselves out of their circumstances.

Deposit & rental fees are a big factor within our budget, we want to ensure that we are able to set up a space that can run, with little funding for its inception.

With your assistance and support, we aim to open in the first few months of 2021. This launch will prevail an array of fundraising opportunities. We will not only have a public space to operate from, but we already have a list of youth that have shown a keen interest in visiting the centre.
We will then be able to work together with our supporters and the community to ensure funding is provided to sustain the Youth Centre.



R500 - PWR Project Branded Gift

R2 500 - Guest listed to our opening

              - Above rewards

R10 000 - Plaque on our donor wall

                - Special mention on our website

                - Above rewards



  • Feeding Outreach: our main focus during the Lockdown period, aims to feed between 250-600 people a day. Feedings are not focused on a specific areas, instead various areas who have contacted us for a need of food. Meals are fully nutritious and includes at least 3 vegetables, a starch and protein in form of meat. Since inception on 1 April 2020, PWR Project has managed to feed over to 30,000 people living within the City of Cape Town.
  • WhatsApp support-line: as restrictions are in place to stay at home, many youth are face with being stuck inside with unsupportive families. There has been an increase of gender-based domestic violence, so we can just image the struggles that many teens are facing, being part of the LGBTQI+ community and having no support structure. Our support-line is merely to assist and not to provide professional advice.



We are currently awaiting the outcome of our application with SARS. Please stay in contact with us, to ensure we issue you with the relevant certification.


Donations to date

R 0.00

Fundraising target

R 450 000.00

PWR Project

PWR Project Logo

PWR Project's Vision is to Embracing diversity to achieve social empowerment. Informing, uplifting and supporting the youth within our community through solidarity; to bring an end to bullying and discrimination.

We aim to reach this by creating awareness around bullying and discrimination through PWR Project protest photos. These photos are there to express one's support for the organisation, as well as share ones personal experiences to relate to potential supporters as well as to give support.