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Yacht worthy

Yacht worthy

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R 300 000

Personal message

As a colored aka mixed race person, getting into the Yachting industry is almost a non existent and far fetched idea. My cousin attended a Yachtmasters apprenticeship program in Turkey which was run by South Africans and they were racist to him all the time, calling him unspeakable names and making him do extra hard labor. Two weeks before he completed the Yachtmasters course he was fired. 

I want to change this narrative and break this boundary for people of color. I want to be the first ever mixed race super yacht captain. It's a long journey and I need to start by completing a yachtmasters course which costs R250000 in Cape Town. Upon completion of this course I will have enough sea time and the sought after qualification to be able to land a job either somewhere in the Bahamas or in the Mediterranean.i will need to survive while doing the course as it is 8 months and quite full time. This is why I'm asking for R300000. 

If I receive this investment I will start an Instagram page dedicated to my journey to become a Super Yacht captain. By breaking these boundaries, I hope to open the door for people of color to this exclusive and lucrative industry l, which we should all be able to enter and benefit from. 


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Yacht worthy Campaign