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We Need To Break Up

Funds Raised:
R 4 898
Fundraising Target:
R 15 000

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Story - a longer description of the project: 

Enid and Daniel's toxic relationship triggers an erosion in the universe. They are taken by the Guardians of The Multiverse for a cosmic intervention. They embark on a journey with their roommate, Ellen, reliving their relationship's origins, which begins to reveal its flaws. Their arguing begins to accelerate the universe’s erosion, leading to them being trapped in a void of space. In this void, they finally have an honest conversation about their feelings and relationship. Enid and Daniel decide to break up and have their relationship erased from existence via a universe-wide reboot. Their relationship is then erased from the universe.

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The Team: 

  • Director, Joshua Cloete: I am the writer and director of We Need To Break-Up! I'm extremely passionate about storytelling and my personal goal is to tell the story to the best of my abilities and give it the heart and passion it deserves.


  • Producer, Ziyaad Sonday: I am the producer and I’m responsible for the distribution of the film, the fundraising of the film, the branding and marketing as well as managing the production whether it’s time management or managing problems that arise on set. I am excited to see the outcome of our production as I feel we have an amazing crew


  • AD & Casting Director, Adrianne Fisher: My role on this team is assistant director. I am excited to assist with the management of the team and the production itself, making sure everything goes according to plan. As casting director, I look forward to seeking out the talent, alongside our director Josh so that we can find the perfect fit to our characters.


  • Cinematographer, Helgard Rautenbach: The DOP on set. Alongside my director Josh we will be curating a visual show, crossing boundaries and entering a multiverse. Through several techniques we aim to grab you, our audience, with every breath you take - ultimately helping you cross over into the next reality.


  • Production Designer, Jemma Coleman: I’m working as the production designer on our film. I love working on all the behind the scenes aspects that create a world for the characters to live in. This film is going to be one of my biggest projects yet but I'm excited to bring it to life.


  • Editor, Mohammed Imraan Vallie: I have the role of editor, which requires me to craft the story, bringing together performances, cinematography, and soundtrack to create an emotional and memorable experience for the audience.

    In the short film directed by Joshua Cloete, 'We Need to Break-Up!!!,' a toxic relationship risks cosmic catastrophe. Enid and Daniel live in denial until a group of interstellar beings known as the Guardians intervene. They're transported to a multiversal HQ, where they learn their love could erase the entire universe. As their universe collapses, they must make a profound choice – to stay together or to break-up. This heartfelt sci-fi romance coming-of-age story navigates the complexities of relationships, delivering a poignant message about acceptance and growth in the face of adversity. Just as comics blend genres, our film combines romance, drama, sci-fi, as well as a coming-of-age story. It celebrates the multiverse concept often seen in comics, using it as a backdrop to explore the complexities of love, redemption, and self-discovery, delivering a captivating cinematic homage to comic book storytelling.


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