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1965Ride Cause

The riders on this tour aim to raise funds in order to give back to people in the Queenstown area. In order for me to complete this ride, I need to raise R40 000. 

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer....

Donor Messages

Well done for doing this good luck Megs
You inspire me
My Mom
My mom sent me this money today.
A fan
Ride, Megan, ride.
Why such a random amount Meg? It makes no cents....
Megan Landman
I will get the ball rolling.

Activity feed

10 Dec 2018 USD 37
06 Dec 2018 R 206
05 Dec 2018 R 308
04 Dec 2018 R 514
04 Dec 2018 R 519