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South African Scouts Association - 1st Margate Scouts

Our youth training programme is an advancement system where Scouts are allowed to progress at their own pace. It allows for experiential learning and contributes to their personal development. Scouts acquire Advancement and Interest Badges as part of their journey.

By learning new skills and forming lasting friendships through the Scout programme, generations of Scouts have grown up to become some of our nation’s most outstanding leaders!

Not every child or youth likes the same thing. Our award winning programmes and projects provide a wide range of activities for them to choose from. A number of challenges contribute to their growth and advancement through the Scouting programmes and others are specifically designed to appeal to their interests.

Donor Messages

Such a worthy donation
old Scout
hope you reach your target!
Deon Boucher
For the kids
Werner de Beer Orthotist & Prosthetist
Margate Boy Scouts Tent Project
Wish I could give more. All the best with your endevours
Silvia Ludwig
I wish I could give more but I can only give what I can afford. I hope it helps.
Chris Pieters

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