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Soul Donations started in 2016 with a shoe drive for the homeless. It then grew organically supporting the homeless and old age with clothes, books, shoes, toiletries and food.

Our team then decided it to put all its weight behind the national crisis in South Africa with the crime towards women and children out of control. 

For the next 356 days (or how long it takes) we will fundraise to put self-defence pepper spray in all women's hands and self-defence personal alarms in all children’s hands. 

We can't wait for the government to take action; we need to ensure we are ready to fight back. 




Donations to date

R 4 079.77

Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

Donor Messages

Because you can do anything- especially when it is for the good of others
Great initiative
Well done with this initiative. I have since read an article about the woman in Alexander walking woman to bus stops early in the mornings and using Vuvuzela's to alert anyone when there is trouble????
Great initiative
Enough !
Be safe
Vocation Station
Love Goes a Long Way x
Short message
Studio 29
Love what you do x

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19 Oct 2019 R 206
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Nealia donated R 1 000 to Soul Donations via #EnoughisEnough
12 Oct 2019 R 1 000
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30 Sep 2019 USD 14
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24 Sep 2019 R 324