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A family of six transforming their residential circumstances; a father, husband and son in law hopeful in finding humanity to be able to restore a house into a home again.

We started these projects (scroll all the way to the bottom to take a look) so we can complete priority projects in our home so we can actually function as a normal family again [whatever normal is now a days I suppose :-)].

And by the way, Thank You! for taking the time to be here. It really does mean a lot to us and to me, Jeremy.

Hi there

Welcome to my #5renovations Project and thank you for taking your time to look at who, what, where, how and the why particulars of how our, and hopefully your, project came to be.

A long story made short is a difficult task and I will attempt to do my very best for you.

My name is Jeremy. I live, finally, in my first purchased home with my two daughters (1 and 8 years old), wife and parents in law. Yes you read that correctly: In laws! More about the in laws a little later.

Our story started a year ago when we found a house we decided to make our home. We got approved and the purchase was made. At that stage, out home needed a bit of love and care. Some paint, general repairs, and so on. At that stage we had saved enough to fix all the items to move in, complete what was needed and start living in what was our families dream for many years.

So why am I on

Well. On the first day of being in our home the security guards from the previous seller came back to the house with a court order claiming we illegally evicted them. With nowhere to go, squatters hijacking our home, we left peacefully and found alternate accommodation. This was the beginning of a several month journey into getting our home back.

A quick summary for you of our court process. Anyone can open a court case without proof of identification. When the squatters fail to appear in court the process is cancelled with no consequences to their false claims. Therefore we had to open our own court case to get an eviction to het our home back. It was met with many setbacks, failure to appear on the set dates, complaints for various reasons, etc.

However, around July 2015, we received good news when the Randburg Magistrate Court granted us to get out home back. The squatters were given a month to find alternative accommodation, and we were allowed access to the property. We decided to give everyone space so as not to cause problems. We waited for the last day the 4th September 2015 to take possession of our home again.

What a mistake that was.

On the 4th the Sherriff of the Court assisted in getting us access to the property. Three days later after things calmed down we finally were able to move in. What we found when we walked into what was meant to be the start of our dream was the beginning of a difficult battle that we are currently losing.

Two fires in the house had been started: our kitchen destroyed, the cottage burnt and even a fire in the pool area. Electrical wiring had been wired into odd areas: plugs tapped into light fittings, normal extension cables connected to electrical boxes and a long list of items that can be carried on and on here.

Our question to ourselves as a family was where to start, what is important and how to obtain finances?

Almost everything was used to get our home back in legal costs. Remaining savings were used to move us into our home.

All our savings for fixing finances was depleted and we even used up our rainy day savings to fix the basics once moved in to repair the bathrooms for toilets and baths. Got to have clean children you know ;-)

Wow. Have you survived all of that… thank you for getting this far… this brings us to where we are currently in our journey in life.

Able to afford living costs, bond, etc. However living in a home that I am unable to fix for my family.

As a father and husband my position in the family is to make my family comfortable in our home. To date I have not been able to achieve this.So here I am on with our #5renovations Project for our home that possibly you can assist us in making a home again.

There are five projects in total: Electrical; kitchen; in laws; security; pool & garden (combined). Please take a look at each one to see what they are about. They are all unique in each aspect.

Oh and one more thing before you go look at the projects, remember again... “Sharing is Caring” click the below links please:Share on FacebookTweet About Us Please

Any sharing makes a greater impact on spreading the word and contributing to complete our project quicker. Thank you so much :)

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