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Hey my name is abram I'm from South Africa few years ago I was diagnosed with a ptsd and I've been battling it ever since so far it has cost my communication skills my job my friends even my family and my love life I can't worst part about this is I can't even afored a therapist and the ones I could afford scammed me for the little bit of money I had so I just need a bit of help to get back on my feet it took alot for me to even start a go fund me me but I've nothing left to lose I can't really look at people in the eye or even ingage in a conversation with people without them sensing my stigma... I'm actually rasing money for a boat I just want to be in the ocean where I can fish for food sleep on the boat and sell fish to make money for my other needs 30k can help me with that if you'd be so kind you could save a life, thank you God bless

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