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ACS Youth Building





The story behind the name ACS (Youth Building).


A – Stands for AMBITION

C – Stands for COURAGE

S – Stands for SELF-RESPECT


ACS also stands for:  Adam Christian Stander – my late father’s name.

He was my hero and my inspiration. Unfortunately he took a few wrong turns and ended up in the horrific world of drug abuse. After years of struggling, he was able to escape the addiction by the Grace of God. Unfortunately he passed away in a car accident in 2005.


I do not have any formal qualifications, or degrees but I do have substantial experience in motivating kids as well as adults. I WANT TO HELP.

My mission is to become a beacon of hope to our youth.


Our Youth Building Workshops aim to build up our youth and not break them down. Workshops are hosted to build confidence through ambition, courage and self-respect, which are the 3 fundamentals of ACS Youth Building.  Interactive workshops are held in age- and gender-specific groups, incorporating testimonies, video clips, offering advice and reading material to take home.


We rely heavily on sponsors to cover the minimal costs involved in hosting these workshops.  In return we enjoy spreading the word of our sponsors and their businesses and believe that this a win-win situation where exposure is enjoyed while doing good for our community.


In the past we’ve received excellent feed-back from parents and youth delegates, which encourages us to keep doing what we love and believe it necessary especially under today’s youth, where they must cope with a lot of pressure received on various platforms in their lives.


Please note that ACS Youth Building is being operated as a non-profit organisation, but not registered as one yet. Books are transparent and available to view on request.